Russia’s “Partial” Mobilization of 300,000 . . . is on its way to being 1.2 Million

On September 21, we reported that Russia announced a “partial” mobilization of three-hundred-thousand Russian men with military experience, to bolster the Special Military Operation inside Ukraine.    We can now report that mobilization notices have gone out to almost 1.2 MILLION Russian men.

At the time of our report (Story here) we featured video of Defense Minister Shoigu making clear the 300,000 “is not a one time event.”  Here is that video:


At the time, no one dared speculate how many more men would end up receiving mobilization notices, but it was clear from gitgo that it _could_ be more than 300,000.

In the month or so from that initial mobilization, Russia confirms that over two-hundred-thousand men have been brought back into brief retraining, and deployed.  Most, however, have been deployed to rear logistics positions, so as to free up fully trained (but fresh) combat troops who previously held those logistics jobs.

This has allowed a surge of Russian troops in the battlespace, and it came just as Ukraine was receiving fresh troops trained in NATO countries.

Ukraine made counter-offensives and had some, limited, success.  In other areas, Ukraine’s counter-offensives met dismal failure and death.

Yet with the NATO countries churning-out newly minted Ukrainian troops, and arming Ukraine with ever more lethal western weapons, it is clear to many observers that Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) has turned into an actual war with NATO.

It’s not formal, but it does seem to be the case.

As Russian Defense Minister Shoigu pointed out back in September “



He bluntly went on to say Russia is at war with the collective West” 

Intelligence sources now confirm that Russia has sent or served mobilization notices upon almost 1.2 million Russian men with former military experience.

Clearly the Russians are in for the long haul and are very aware that NATO has now deployed upwards of three hundred thousand NATO troops in countries bordering Russia and Ukraine.  Given the ongoing Russian mobilization, and the enormous build up of NATO troops, it seems clear this conflict is not going to be resolved, but rather explode into a far larger, and much deadlier war.


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