Report: New Swing-State Polls Suggest November Red Wave

A slew of new surveys in battleground states have shown impressive swings towards Republicans in recent weeks, setting up what could be a massive red wave, CNBC reported.

In Ohio, the Senate race remains tight between Republican venture capitalist J.D. Vance and Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan. According to Spectrum News/Siena College’s latest poll, the pair is tied at 46% each.

But a plurality of Ohio voters, 40%, said they preferred Republican control of the House and Senate compared to 33% who said the same of Democrats. Further, Ryan boasted a 3-point lead in the same poll last month.

Polling in Ohio has also historically favored Democrats, with former President Donald Trump winning the state by an 8-point margin in 2020, despite survey aggregations showing President Joe Biden within 1 point.

The GOP’s nominee for Arizona governor, former local news anchor Kari Lake, holds a 3-percentage-point advantage in The Daily Wire’s latest survey against Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs, 49.2% to 46.4%.

Lake’s growing lead comes amid her vocal criticisms of the current Arizona secretary of state for refusing to debate her at any point during the race.

Instead, Lake claimed on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now” that Hobbs negotiated a special deal with PBS for her own half-an-hour interview.

“What she’s doing is trying to destroy the entire debate system that we’ve had for two decades here in Arizona, and I will not take part in her destruction of that,” the Republican candidate said. “They will either put us together on a debate stage, or they’re not going to get any of me.”

Meanwhile, polls in Texas’ gubernatorial race show incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott’s lead over Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke nearing or at double-digits.

A recent University of Texas poll shows the Republican governor up 11 points, 54% to 43%. Furthermore, 54% of respondents said they supported Abbott’s Cabinet transporting illegal immigrants to Northern cities.


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