Former Boss of China Communist Party Forcibly Removed from Major meeting

In a shocking show of who is “the Boss” in China, President Xi Jinping had his predecessor, Hu Jintao, forcibly removed from the leadership table in the ongoing China Communist Party Summit in Beijing.  Video below:

Opposition is not permitted under Communism and Hu Jintao had made political trouble for Xi Jinping.  Hu Jintao stands for maintaining good US relations, and is also an opponent of a forceful solution to the Taiwan issue.  That dissent was repaid today, in front of the entire Communist Party apparatus, as President Xi made clear to all 2300 men in the room, he is the boss, and dissent will not be tolerated.

Watch as former General Secretary of the China Communist Party, is taken from his seat next to Xi Jinping, and removed from the room:

The fate of Hu Jintao is not known, but one can make an educated guess based on other facts.  All references to Hu Jintao were removed from official Chinese government website Qiushi. This, combined with the video, indicates he has been purged.


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