Major Undersea Communications Cable Cut off southern France

A major Internet cable in the South of France was severed yesterday at 20:30 UTC, impacting subsea cable connectivity to Europe, Asia, and the United States and causing data packet losses and increased website response latency.

Cloud security company Zscaler reports that they made routing adjustments to mitigate the impact. However, users still face problems due to app and content providers routing traffic through the impacted paths.

“Zscaler is working with the content providers to have them influence their portion of the path,” reads a notice from Zscaler.

“If you experience slowness with specific applications, especially applications hosted overseas, please contact the application provider and refer them to this trust post.”

The repair crews moved quickly on the scene but had to wait for the police to collect evidence before they were allowed to work on restoring the damage.

At 23:00 UTC, it was confirmed that the incident had impacted three links: Marseille-Lyon, Marseille-Milano, and Marseille-Barcelona.

This undersea cable cut comes as Scotland is also dealing with cuts to TWO undersea communications cables connecting the mainland to the Shetland Islands (Story Here)

(Hal Turner Remark: Gee, after someone blew up Russia’s Nord Stream undersea natural gas pipelines, suddenly a lot of other undersea infrastructure is being damaged.  I wonder why?)


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