Martial law has been introduced in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions because all four regions are being attacked by Ukraine’s Nazi Army for voting to leave Ukraine and become part of Russia.

The full, formal Decree on Martial law appears in original Russian language below.  Martial Law takes effect at Midnight, local time, tonight:

Far more worrisome is a separate Decree issued by President Vladimir Putin this afternoon in Moscow.  That second Decree says:

A) In all regions of the Russian Federation, except for the center and south of Russia, a regime of “basic war readiness” is being introduced.

B) In Russia’s border regions a “medium level of war readiness” is introduced, AND;

C) In regions of the Central Federal District and the Southern Federal District a “high level of war readiness” is introduced.

This is precisely the type of alerting situation one might expect if the Russian nation goes to actual war.   The fact that the ENTIRE nation is put on “Basic” war readiness, is the giveaway.

One would expect the border regions to be on some level of alert and one would also expect the regions nearest Ukraine to be on a higher level of alert.  But to put the ENTIRE country on Basic war readiness alert is the undeniable signal that the situation with Ukraine is headed directly to an actual MASSIVE (think “world”) war.

. . .  soon.

Legislature: Secret Sessions

Yesterday, the lower House of the Russian legislature, called the “Duma” for the first time, went into “secret” session.   Live TV coverage, similar to C-SPAN in the USA, was ordered to shut off cameras and leave the Chamber.

Today, the upper house of Russia’s legislature, called the “Federation Council” (similar to the US Senate) met openly in the morning, where President Putin issued the Decrees mentioned above.  Then, Putin turned the session over to Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, Dmitry Medvedev, and the chamber went into Secret Session, cutting off all cameras, and ordering media and spectators OUT of the chamber.


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