The Russian Army is using regular AM and FM radio to transmit to Ukrainian citizens in the city of Kharkiv.  The  broadcasts are telling them to evacuate that city immediately.

The military high-powered radio transmitters are even broadcasting directly ON TOP OF what would be the traditional radio stations in that area.  The military transmitters are simply over-powering the regular radio stations.

Over the past 48-72 hours, Russian troop build-ups are showing what appears to be “Special Military Operation -Season 2” . . . only with very much more men.

On the map below, the hand-drawn circles in red show the present build-up of Russian forces, and the circles in blue show Ukrainian force locations.

Most of Ukraine’s forces are engaged in the southeast of the country.   The Ukraine troops to the east of Kharkiv, are now finding themselves squished between two superior Russian force groupings; one in the Belgorad region of Russia itself, the other in Luhansk.  They seem to be inside a perfect “Pincer” situation.

Ominously for Ukraine, the sudden and very large build-up of Russian troops in Belarus, to the north and northwest of Kiev, looks very much like what existed when Russia initially began its Special Military Operation into Ukraine.   At THAT time, the troops in Belarus, north of Kiev, moved in a 47 mile long convoy toward the city, but stopped without attacking.  

It turned out to be a feint; Russia did that so as to force Ukraine to keep essential troops in the north to protect the capital, Kiev, while they moved against targets in the south.   This time, however, it seems quite clear that if/when those Russian troops come out of Belarus again, Kiev could be mince-meat.

In addition, the Russian forces toward the top left of the map, also in Belarus, is an interesting build-up.  Would they swoop in against Kiev, or will they head due south to Lutsk, Rivne . . . or both?

Stay tuned  . . . 


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