Reports of Mid-Air MISSILE INTERCEPT over Silver City, Yukon

There are reports that today, Thursday, October 6, 2022, there was a mid-air intercept of an incoming missile, over the Yukon Territory of Canada.

Locals in Silver City, Yukon claim that about 8:30 AM local time:

” . . .  2 objects collided mid air high altitude.

The first object looked like it came from the north and the second object came from the west.

There was a notable boom that shook the windows in the shack I was working in.

The one coming from the north wasn’t moving that fast but the one from the west was hauling ass.

There’s no mention on the news about a plane crash or anything but there’s been a bunch of military helicopters most of the day in the area.”

If a Russian vessel in the Arctic, fired a missile at the US, the trajectory could send it over that part of the Yukon Territory, “from the north.”

If US Missile Defenses in Alaska tracked it, they could have fired a missile interceptor, “from the west.”


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