North Korea Missile Launch – Japan Citizens Told “Take Cover Immediately” UPDATE: AIMED AT HAWAII

North Korea fired a missile in the direction of Japan Monday night, causing authorities in Japan to warn all citizens on Hokkaido to “take cover immediately!”

Message running on local TV: “North Korea appears to have launched a missile. Please evacuate to the inside of a building or go to the basement. Target area: Hokkaido”


“The North’s testing spree this week is seen as a response to recent naval drills between South Korea and the United States and their other training that involved Japan. North Korea views such military exercises by the allies as an invasion rehearsal and argues they reveal U.S. and South Korean “double standards” because they brand the North’s weapons tests as provocation.”


The missile passed over the land territory of Japan and landed well into the Pacific Ocean.   Japanese Civil Defense issued the following ALL CLEAR: 

[Civil protection information]
Missile pass. Missile pass. The aforementioned missile is believed to have passed through the Pacific Ocean around 07:29. If you find anything suspicious, do not approach it and immediately contact the police or fire department.
Received date and time 07:42 on the 4th
Target area: Hokkaido, Aomori Prefecture

At a Press Conference, the following information was disclosed:

NK launched 1 ballistic missile. It was launched to the Eastern trajectory. Had fallen in the Pacific ocean outside of Japan. At the moment, there is no damages to aircraft nor vessels. With the launch the prime minster has given orders. The missile passed over Japan so the prime minister said that he would focus on trying to confirm whether there are any debris that fell. The gov will continue to gather info, and also collab with the US and S Korea to take “appropriate measures”.


Below is a map showing the actual missile flight path:


The North Korea missile appears to have been aimed directly at HAWAII.

The flight path shows the missile on a perfect path to strike Hawaii . . .

Clearly, the missile was aimed at Hawaii.  Whether it fell short by design – was intended to fall short – or whether it reached it’s physical travel limit and fell into the sea, is not known.

What __is__ known is that authorities in Hawaii were never informed a North Korean missile was headed toward them, and the citizens of Hawaii were never told either.

Great defense system we have nowadays isn’t it?  


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