Massive Movement of Armor from Russia Into Ukraine

All weekend long, trainload after trainload of heavy armor, artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, troops, and supplies moved from Russia into Ukraine.  Anyone saying Russia is running short of anything, doesn’t know what they’re talking about!  Videos below . . .

The first brief video shows at least four different trainloads of armor heading into Ukraine:

(Click Here)

The second brief video shows more gear heading toward Odessa, Ukraine:

(Click Here)

A keen eye will have seen in the video (not the photos of this story)  that some of the tanks are the brand new “Armata” – Russia’s state of the art war fighting armor.

These two videos are but a small sampling of what has actually been moving all weekend. 

Based solely on the number of trains, Russia is now moving more troops and armor than they did for the initial build-up prior to the February 24 entry of Russian forces into Ukraine.

Clearly, a very major escalation in the Russian war effort is in progress.  Things will only get worse for Ukraine; very, very, much, worse.


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