Putin Speech Told Ukraine to Halt Attacks; Ukraine Attacked Harder – Now, Iskander-M’s Coming in from Russia

In his landmark speech at yesterday’s ceremony to accept four formerly Ukrainian regions into Russia, President Vladimir Putin told Ukraine to Cease-Fire and return to the negotiating table.  He pointed out that the four territories are “now Russian citizens, FOREVER.”   Instead of stopping its attacks, Ukraine attacked worse.

Russia told Ukraine not to attack the areas that had the Referendums, after the referendums were completed, or the Hammer would be dropped. People are now being killed across the referendum areas by Ukraine shelling. Donetsk today,. Across city is being hit. What is Russia going to do now?

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Apparently, what Russia is going to do now is answered: trainloads of Russian Iskander-M hypersonic missiles are now entering the Kherson Region.  Video below shows one such trainload:

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This is a Variant for the Russian Armed Forces Iskander missile forces, with two 9M723 quasi-ballistic missiles with published range 415 km, rumored 500 km. Speed Mach 6–7, flight altitude up to 6–50 km, nuclear capable stealth missile, controlled at all stages, not ballistic flight path.

Immediately after the launch and upon approach to the target, the missile performs intensive maneuvering to evade anti-ballistic missiles. The missile constantly maneuvers during flight as well.

These missiles are REAL power.  This is very heavy military weaponry; not some rinky-dink token of power.  Ukraine is bringing this upon itself.


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