Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporozhye OFFICIALLY “Russian Territory” at 1500 Hours Tomorrow – Friday, September 30

Dmitriy Peskov, official Spokesman for the Kremlin in Moscow, stated publicly just minutes ago: “Tomorrow at 15:00 agreements on the entry of new territories into Russia will be signed. They will be signed with all 4 territories where referendums were held. President Vladimir Putin will give a voluminous speech tomorrow.”

UNVERIFIED information from non-Kremlin sources about the Putin speech claim that he will ALLEGEDLY tell the world:

 . . . the undermining of the Nord Stream gas pipelines radically changes the geopolitical alignment. The obvious military sabotage of Western intelligence services against Russia, forces the Russia to take retaliatory measures.

Europe is a military ally of Ukraine. Ammunition, howitzers, heavy equipment, tanks, and even combat aircraft, are coming to Ukraine from the EU every day! Despite this, Russia continues to pump gas there, heating the homes of Europeans and ensuring the work of virtually the entire economy, and at this time European shells are bombing Donetsk. After the annexation of new territories, this will come to an end!

Russia will ALLEGEDLY also announce that:

. . . if the EU does not stop military support for Ukraine within 48 hours, there will be an instant shutdown of the gas supply to 100% of European consumers. After that, the Ukrainian Gas Transfer System (GTS) will be destroyed and the supply of oil and gas through the territory of Belarus will be turned off.


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