Referendums in Ukraine Proceeding; Saboteurs Caught (VIDEO) With Bundles of FAKE Ballots

The Public Referendums being conducted in (former) areas of Ukraine are proceeding, but Ukrainian government Saboteurs have been caught with BUNDLES of fake ballots all voting “NO” on becoming part of Russia.

Russian Army Troops caught the perpetrators, detected the phony Ballots, arrested the perps and seized the phony Ballots.

Apparently, Ukraine, like its Western Benefactors, thought they could steal the Referendum with vote fraud, the same way in the USA, the Presidency was stolen by Democrat Joe Biden and his supporters, through Election fraud.  Except this time, they got caught, red-handed, as the vote was in progress.  

The video below shows the perps, under arrest, and the bundles of FAKE Ballots:

The Second day of voting, (There will be two more days) has just ended. So far, the number of registered voters who have cast ballots is as follows:

Kherson 31.79%

Zaporozhye – 35.54%

Donetsk Peoples Republic – 55.5%

Lugansk Peoples Republic – 45.86%

Some voters have been INTIMIDATED by the government of Ukraine, which passes a law saying anyone who votes in a Referendum in an area under Russian military control, can be IMPRISONED for up to five years.

This wanton effort to intimidate voters is criminal in the United States, yet is apparently considered OK by the United States, which keeps sending aid to that same Ukraine government.

The fact that US Aid is being used to intimidate voters makes the US an “accomplice” or at least makes the US guilty of Criminal Facilitation of Voter Intimidation.  It isn’t working.

According to Exit Polling done by RIPSI, in Zaporozhye region, 93% of those who voted on the first day of the referendum voted for reunification with the Russian Federation.


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