Germans Being Told “Prepare for Blackouts” While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water – Russia Sanctions Back-firing

In the latest example of Russia Sanctions BACK-FIRING on the countries which imposed them, Germans are being told to prepare for LONG electric Blackouts and Estonians are being told how to use toilets WITHOUT RUNNING WATER!

We begin in Germany where the town of Rosenheim has begun passing out instructional leaflets to city residents about how to get through lengthy electrical blackouts.  The potential for lack of natural gas (from Russia) causing electric generating stations to shut down has the city of Rosenheim telling people:

“The lack of gas deliveries from Russia could not only cause cold radiators in winter. This may also endanger the power supply in Germany. Experts warn, for example, that the increased use of electric fan heaters could lead to a collapse in the power grid.

What is a blackout?

A blackout is a longer-lasting, mostly national power, infrastructure and supply failure. Regional failures can often be rectified after hours, supra-regional failures only after a few days. This is to be distinguished from short-term technical faults (10 – 15 minutes) in the power supply.

But how do you behave in the event of a so-called blackout? In order to prepare citizens for this emergency situation, the Upper Bavarian city of Rosenheim has now published an information flyer entitled “Blackout – and then? Advice for personal provision”. This will be distributed to all households in the city. Among other things, it contains a list of food and items that you should definitely have in stock at home. “Plan as you would for a 14-day camping holiday in your own four walls,” says the flyer.

The flyer also contains general information about the blackout. It explains what a blackout is, how to recognize it and what the consequences are. A statement by crisis prevention expert Herbert Saurugg also shows how seriously the city takes the situation. He is “assuming that such an event will occur in the next few years,” he is quoted as saying in the flyer.

When asked by , a spokesman for the city of Rosenheim explained that the flyer was only a precautionary measure for civil protection. “Imagine something like this happening and no one had any idea about anything. Then people would rightly say, ‘Are you nuts? You should have thought of that.” However, the city is no more or less at risk of a blackout than other cities and you don’t want to spread panic, but “sensitize the population”.

How realistic is a blackout scenario?

But is the situation really that serious? In fact, the German Association of Towns and Municipalities is also warning of power outages in the coming winter in view of the gas crisis. “There is a risk of a blackout,” said the association’s managing director, Gerd Landsberg, to the world on Sunday. 

Both hostile hacker attacks and “an overload of the power grid – for example when the 650,000 fan heaters sold this year go on line if the gas supply fails” are “realistic scenarios,” Landsberg told the newspaper. “We cannot rule out widespread power failures.” Germany is not adequately equipped for this eventuality. The federal government has recognized the situation, but is not acting sufficiently. “The preparation for real crisis situations must be dealt with much more intensively,” Landsberg demanded. Germany must “expand civil disaster control much more intensively”.

Association chief warns of blackout: “We are in no way prepared for such a scenario”

The head of the association called on every single citizen to prepare for crisis situations. “I advocate taking the recommendation of the Federal Office for Disaster Control seriously, according to which citizens should have water and food in the house for 14 days,” said Landsberg. Unfortunately, hardly anyone follows this recommendation. Every citizen must be aware of what happens when there is no electricity. “Then there’s no water, you can’t fill up, after two days you can’t charge your cell phone,” Landsberg explained. “We are in no way prepared for such a scenario.”

But there are also dissenting voices. “The fear is largely scaremongering,” said energy expert Christoph Maurer from the consulting firm Consentec to n-tv . The general manager of the German Association of Cities, Helmut Dedy, told the Rheinische Post : “We shouldn’t react with panic now, but with a joint effort.” The cities wanted to save 20 percent on gas . If everyone pursues this goal together, he sees a good chance of getting through the winter without a blackout. At the same time, however, precautions must also be taken; Emergency power reserves are necessary. “In civil protection, states and municipalities share responsibility,” said Dedy.


If Germans being told to prepare for long-term electric blackouts isn’t bad enough, citizens in Estonia are being taught – on television – how to use toilets when there is no longer any running water:

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

All this because Europe has CHOSEN to apply economic sanctions against Russia on account of the entry into Ukraine by Russian forces to de-militarize and de-nazify that country.  When Europe enacted the economic sanctions, and seized about $300 Billion in Russia’s Sovereign wealth fund, Russia responded by changing the currency they needed to use to buy Russian gas, and by cutting-off gas flows.

So this is a very simple thing: Europe CHOSE to enact sanctions and now Europe is running out of natural gas, which may shut down their electric plants, and may shut down their municipal water systems for lack of energy.

What RATIONAL people would do such things to themselves?

In my view, no one.

This is a SELF-INFLICTED problem for Europe; they’re doing this to themselves!

Apparently, government public servants in Europe seem to think THEY have some right to deprive THEIR CITIZENS of things like electricity and water, s that the government can virtue-signal about Ukraine.  Such public servants seem to me, to be mentally ill tyrants.

In fact, I would go so far as to say anyone who is supporting Ukraine right now, is either devoid of facts, or mentally ill themselves.

Ukraine has become an actual Nazi government.

Their military troops have entire Battalions displaying the Swastika on either their helmets, uniforms, or armored vehicles.  Their are actual Nazis elected inside their government.  There are actual Nazi’s in the Intelligence services and in the police.

The entire would fought World War 2 to defeat Nazis’, and here they are again.

Why the U.S. and Europe would choose to back Nazis is something unfathomable to me.  It strikes me as clear mental illness.

In fact, from the look of things nowadays, American and European societies have quite a number of mental defects, and a lot of them are in government!

As this Russia-Ukraine thing escalates into a nuclear, world war 3, remember, Europe and America had a choice; they chose poorly.

When Russian nuclear bombs start detonating in America and in Europe, hopefully, the mentally ill will be the majority wiped out, so us normal people can rebuild and make certain such people never gain power again.


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