Poland Begins Distribution of Iodine Pills for “Nuclear” Emergencies; Passes “Protection” Law looks suspiciously like Martial Law

Poland has commenced the public distribution of Iodine Pills to its citizens, saying they fear a “nuclear incident” – possible an attack against Ukraine’s Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant, causing radiation to enter Poland.

This comes just one day after Russian President Vladimir Putin made clear Russia is willing to use nuclear weapons if Russia is endangered.

To anyone paying close attention to this situation, especially between Ukraine/NATO and Russia, one might get the idea that Poland already knows NATO plans for Russia over Ukraine, and Poland realizes it __must__ give out iodine because Russia’s response might be nuclear!

More importantly, however, Poland enacted a new “Protection of People” law which contains provisions like “mandatory quarantine” “mandatory demolition of buildings” “take over of private property” “no demonstrations or gatherings allowed” “mandatory evacuation” “mandatory take over of private buildings or apartments” “mandatory prices.”

The law goes into effect on Jan 1st 2023 and can be INVOKED by the Polish legislature with just majority of votes at any moment.

(HT Remark: It’s almost enough to make a thinking person wonder if Poland already knows that World War 3 __will_ begin shortly?)


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