Deadly STINGER Anti-Aircraft Missile Seized by German Police for Sale on black Market; came from Ukraine!

Police in Bremen, Germany have arrested at least one man in possession of a fully operational U.S. “Stinger” anti-aircraft system –  originally sent to Ukraine as military aid – which ended up on the black market.   This is one of the most deadly, accurate, and fully portable systems in the world!

A Stinger missile, fired from the shoulder of any single man, can hit and destroy an aircraft flying up to 15,000 feet, and up to five miles away!

It has been previously reported that an enormous amount of weapons being sent to Ukraine by the United States have been stolen by Ukrainians, and then offered for sale on the black market.  In fact, it is now an open secret that only about thirty percent (30%) of the weapons sent, actually make it to the Ukraine military!

One such batch of weapons included U.S. “Stinger” shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft missile launchers.

The image above is the actual Stinger missile seized by German Police.  It was fully operational and could have downed a plane.  The man who had it, was selling it on the black market.

Hal Turner Remarks

Police in Germany have been ordered to keep quiet about this, due to the embarrassing situation for the US and NATO, that our own weapons are being stolen by Ukraine and sold on the black market. 

They were also ordered to keep this quiet “so as not to cause public panic” that military-grade weapons systems are now being sold to anyone who has enough cash, inside Germany, where such systems might actually be used.


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