Dr. Oz Rushes into Crowd and Rescues Woman who Collapsed at His Rally – Stays with Her Until Medics Arrive

On Saturday Dr. Mehmet Oz jumped a rail and rushed into a crowd at his rally in Bucks County, Pennsylvania after a woman collapsed.

Dr. Oz tended to the woman until medics came.

Dr. Oz later told the crowd, “Rita, God bless her, is doing OK.”

If you try to find more on Dr. Oz rescuing this woman on Twitter you will have to sift through dozens of attack tweets first. Twitter is starting early this year with its anti-GOP algorithms.

Breitbart reported: Mehmet Oz, the celebrity doctor and Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, rushed into the crowd to help a woman who collapsed during his campaign rally in Bucks County on Saturday.

1,200 supporters turned out to see Dr. Oz in Bucks County on Saturday.

This is not the first time Dr. Oz rescued a woman in the crowd. He also “rescued a woman at an event in 2012.


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