Biden Barely Draws a Few Dozen Supporters at Labor Day Rally in Pennsylvania Two Days After Trump Drew Over Ten Thousand at Wilkes-Barre Rally

Joe Biden was greeted by a few dozen supporters at a Labor Day rally a steelworkers union hall in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania late Monday afternoon, according to videos and photos posted by press from the rally, including this screen image and photo by TribLive’s Ryan Deto.

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The sparse turnout for Biden in his home state comes two days after President Trump packed the 10,000 seat Mohegan Sun Arena at a rally in Wilke-Barre.

The crowd in West Mifflin for Biden is even smaller than the one for his own Wilkes-Barre rally that preceded Trump’s that drew a few hundred. (Click Here)

Videos and photos from West Mifflin show Biden arriving with Democrat U.S. Senate nominee Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (who put on long pasts like a big boy for the event) and Senator Bob Casey (D).

The sparse clapping and underwhelming cheers for 81 million vote getter Joe Biden in his home state of Pennsylvania must be heard to be believed. (Click Here)

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Photos of the crowd. (Click Here)

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The set-up anticipated a paltry crowd. Local school board races draw more supporters. (Click Here)

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Listen to the utter silence as Biden rolls into West Mifflin:

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TGP reported earlier Monday that Biden barely filled park benches at a rally in Wisconsin.


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