As of September 6, 2022

As of September 6, 2022, Russia has conquered the following percentages of what was “Ukraine:”

Lugansk – 100%
Kherson – 94.3%
Zaporozhye – 72.49%
Donetsk – 60,29%
Kharkiv – 33.15%
Mykolaiv – 4.83%

The map above represents the areas at issue.   Reddish is Russian-controlled.  Green is the remaining Administrative boundary of the particular Oblasts (states) within what was Ukraine. 

The green areas are likely to also be conquered by Russia in their Special Military Operation to De-militarize and De-Nazify what was “Ukraine.”

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin made clear “an anti-Russian enclave is being built in Ukraine.  It is a threat to Russia.  The new goal of the Special Military Operation (SMO) is to eliminate that threat.”

With President Putin having said that, the world must now wonder if there will even BE a “Ukraine” anymore?  After all, if “Ukraine” is now a “threat to Russia” which is going to be “eliminated” then it seems logical there will no longer actually BE an entity known as “Ukraine” when this conflict is over.


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