70,000 Czechs rally in Prague; Want Russian Sanctions Removed, Neutrality over Ukraine Fighting

More than seventy-thousand citizens in the Czech Republic marched on their Capital in Prague Saturday, demanding an end to Russian Sanctions (so their gas prices fall to normal), and official declaration of Neutrality over the Ukraine situation, or the government’s resignation!

The crowds were *VERY* large, and quite peaceful . . . this time.

They waved Czech Republic flags, but interestingly, NOT ONE flag of the European Union (EU) could be seen anywhere in the massive crowd.

Here’s brief video:

(Click Here)

The people understand that the so-called “economic sanctions” imposed by the European Union against Russia (over the Ukraine Special Military Operation) have back-fired massively. Those Sanctions are only harming the people in countries that imposed them.

Russia is not being harmed.  In fact, Russia is selling more natural gas and oil — and earning even larger profits — since the Sanctions were imposed.

More than half the world will not honor the Sanctions imposed by the EU . . . or the USA.

They need Russian natural gas, and oil, and THEY are getting it.  Cheap.

Europe and American, however, have a psychotic political class that thinks it can control everything that countries around the world do.  They’ve now found out, they cannot control everything.

So while more than half the planet is enjoying cheap and plentiful energy from Russia, it is only Europe and America that are drowning under the weight of high gasoline and electricity costs.   It is a self-imposed financial horror because the US and the EU will not stop interfering with what Russia is doing in Ukraine.

The people in the Czech Republic see this, and they have now taken to the streets to tell their government: Knock this off or get out.

In fact, they have given the government an Ultimatum:  Have this done by September 25 or citizens will begin using “coercive” action and Strikes

Here’s more video:

BREAKING: Massive demonstration in Prague in the Czech Republic against the government, soaring prices and the energy crisis.

Protesters threaten strike and coercive action if government doesn’t resign by September 25 🚨

🔊 pic.twitter.com/1Q84L2YnPW— Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) September 3, 2022


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