America’s **ILLEGITIMATE** President is at it again . . .

Joe Biden Is A Threat and A Danger To Our Republic!

Dementia-addled and delusional Joe Biden, America’s ILLEGITIMATE President, who occupies office through rampant and brazen election fraud, attacked half the country again today with the Tweet below:

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But wait . . . there’s more!

White House senior adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms asserted on Sunday that the “hate-filled MAGA agenda” has “no place in a democracy.”

Bottoms made the remarks during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

The White House has been continuously doubling down since Joe Biden’s ominous “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” speech on Thursday, when he declared the 74 million people who voted for his opponents as extremists. He said that the “MAGA Republicans” who oppose him “present a “clear and present danger to our democracy” and “threat to this country.”

Discussing the speech, Bottoms told host Martha Raddatz that the “MAGA Republican” agenda has “no place in a democracy.”

“This MAGA Republican agenda, this hate-filled agenda … that we saw incite violence on our nation’s Capitol has no place in a democracy,” Bottoms said. “And if we are not intentional about calling it out, which is what the president did, then our country, everything that our country is built upon, is in danger.” (Click Here)

Hal Turner Editorial opinion

I don’t know what planet these people are on, but clearly they are either dangerously delusional, or in complete denial that their party stole the election and as such, they do not have the consent of the governed legitimately.

If they continue to pit Americans against each other, and it ends-up having to come down to an actual fight, the country would be devastated. 

Why they are proceeding on this path is a mystery to me, but it seems, on its face, to be extremely wrong, totally unnecessary, and outright dangerous to the country.


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