UPDATED 10:20 PM EDT — Russia Threatens Military Response Against NATO Country over Car Bombing

Wars and Rumors of Wars

THERE IS GIGANTIC BREAKING NEWS OUT OF RUSSIA: The Russian government today said there will be a “military response” over the car bombing which killed Daria Dugina in Russia over the weekend.

The suspected assassin is allegedly hiding out in a specific, named, country, which is a NATO Member . . . .


A SECOND NATO country is now openly instructing its soldiers to “prepare your loved ones for your departure to fight Russians in Ukraine.”


Russia has told the country of Estonia there will be a military response unless Estonia Extradites the bombing/Murder suspect, Natalya Vovk, of the Ukraine National Guard.  Estonia is a member of NATO.

Natalya Vovk is now charged in Russia with the bombing and murder, fled Russia after the bombing via the Pskov border crossing into Estonia, and is allegedly being kept hidden in a secret NATO facility near Amari Air Base.

Ämari Air Base is a military airbase in Harjumaa, Estonia located 7 km (4.3 mi) south of Lake Klooga and 20 nautical miles (37 km; 23 mi) southwest of Tallinn, which is the capital city of Estonia.

“If Estonia does not extradite the perpetrator of the murder … to Russia, there are grounds for harsh actions against Tallinn for harboring a terrorist,” said Vladimir Dzhabarov, a senior member of the Russian Federation Council.

(Unnamed Source)

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