YouTube Suspended Our Channel; But That Won’t Stop Us

When El American started, we were confident we’d face backlash from progressive activists, journalists, and Big Tech. We were the first bilingual outlet that aimed at fairly reporting fact-based news to Hispanics by Hispanics. And by fairly, I don’t mean impartiality. But I do mean not lying to anyone about our values and our priorities, unlike the progressive media which presents itself as “impartial” and the sole owners of truth.

Our goal has always been more humble and honest: To defend, cherish, and promote freedom.

An essential aspect of the freedom we seek to promote is free access to information, and like it or not, that includes access to Donald Trump’s speeches and rallies.

Make no mistake. I’m no Donald Trump fan. A quick search through my articles in El American and my social media feed will prove it. But I don’t have to like him to see why so many support him and believe he’s a political martyr—or to understand he’s being censored.

After all, progressive elites have been quite honest in their spirited campaign never to allow Donald Trump to be president again. They decided it before the 2020 election and have been hellbent on achieving that goal.

And part of that goal includes disappearing Donald Trump from the mainstream media and social networks.

And we committed the mortal sin of transmitting some of his rallies. Oops.

YouTube banned our channel for a week and gave us a “strike” for doing so.

But we won’t say sorry for being truthful to our values. In El American, we firmly believe that Donald Trump and his supporters deserve a voice in the marketplace of ideas, as much as Joe Biden, AOC, Liz Cheney, or you name it, deserve it.

One thing that made me quickly fall in love with El American when the project was presented to me was the viewpoint diversity within the outlet.

We weren’t created to be pro-MAGA or anti-MAGA but to promote ideas of freedom and bring honest reporting to Hispanics in the U.S. and across the continent. And that means that many of us feel very different about Donald Trump.

But if we share something, it’s the conviction that such shameless attempts to silence outlets for having the courage to do their job have no place in America or anywhere in the West.

And we won’t stop.


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