DOWN GOES CHENEY! WARMONGER SPANKED AND SENT HOME TO DADDY! Wyoming 2022 Primary Results …Update: Hageman Trounces Cheney by 37 Points!

Wyoming polls closed tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern. 

 Republican Harriet Hageman pulled into an early lead over incumbent Liz Cheney in the much-anticipated House of Representatives race.

Via ABC News

Update: Race called for Hageman. (Click Here)

Hageman delivered an unforgettable speech when President Trump came to campaign for her. (Click Here)

Warmonger dethroned! (Click Here)

Liz got spanked.

Cheney is down by 35% to Hageman.

Buh-bye, Liz! Enjoy your career at MSNBC.

UPDATE: Cheney got trounced by 37 percentage points!

Liz Cheney by 37 Percent in Wyoming Primary.


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