Leaked Ukraine Army Reports: 191,000 Troops Killed or Wounded

Leaked documents from armed forces Ukraine report at least 191,000 troops have been either KILLED or wounded (so far) in the conflict with Russia and . . .  reporting is only 43-48% complete.

The reports outline horrifying losses and the utterly hopeless situation inside Ukraine, yet their government refuses to surrender and stop the carnage.

Among the leaked report data:

Medical personnel in both military and civilian roles are stretched to beyond their limits, with the most seriously wounded no having to be transported to Europe for care.

  • No one knows how many troops are “missing” and no one cares; there are no statistics tracking this.
  • At least 191,000 military troops are either killed or injured.  Ukraine’s fighting force is being wiped out almost as fast as they are fielded.
  • Small arms and bullet proof vests are not nearly sufficient for self protection.
  • M777 Howitzers are failing all across the country because there is not enough hydraulic fluid, or liquid nitrogen to keep them operating.
  • Other equipment transferred by the West is running out because it is being destroyed so fast.
  • West-supplied weapons systems are failing to perform because they are being operated by amateurs; no trained people left to use them.
  • There is no way to repair damaged or malfunctioning weapons systems in the field for lack of spare parts and people with knowledge of how to fix them.  Such weapons systems must all be sent to Poland for repairs.
  • The morale of the entire Ukraine fighting force is at zero; even campaigns of encouragement, social media, and musical concerts aren’t helping.

Based on the information contained within the leaked documents, the armed forces of Ukraine are failing so badly, men in the ranks know they have no hope at all and cannot last much longer.

(Unnamed Source)


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