The Truth Slips Out: Head of Ukraine Intel Admits Covert Deployment of Army in December for War against Donbas

The truth has slipped out about what Ukraine intended for the Donbas region, and it comes from the mouth of Oleksiy Arestovych, Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine.

On TV, Arestovych admits Ukraine deployed its Army in December — under the GUISE of an “exercise – but was actually preparing to launch full scale war against the civilians in The Donbas (Luhansk and Donetsk).   Here’s the video with English sub-titles: (Click Here)

The three MOST IMPORTANT FACTS about the war in Ukraine –

#1 – The war was started by the USA in 2014, when they paid to foment, incite, and facilitate the overthrow of then-President Viktor Yanukovich.

#2 – There was a MAJOR military offensive planned by US/Ukraine Nazis for the first week of March 2022 that would have directly attacked all major cities of the Donbass Republics. It would have been genocide, with tens or hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths.

#3 – It was only Russia’s Operation Z military intervention that prevented the massacre.

Russia’s entry into Ukraine at the end of February stopped the planned invasion just a week or so before it was to begin.

At the time, Russia told the world their intelligence agencies had solid intel that Ukraine was going to attack the Donbass and slaughter much of the civilian population there.   Ukraine called those claims “false” but now, on August 14, 2022, with the war 6 months old, we now see who was lying: Ukraine.   And this truth comes out of the mouth of the Advisor to the Office of President of Ukraine, so this is not some low level flunky.

(Unnamed Source)

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