THAT WAS QUICK: Add the WaPo Nuclear Codes at Mar-a-Lago Tale to the Scrap-Heap of Anti-Trump Fake News Conspiracies – Here’s the List

That was quick.

The latest FBI anonymous leak to the Washington Post had a short shelf life. The nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago tale was even more desperate than usual.

It lasted less than 12 hours.

President Trump debunked it this morning.

The Deep State-Fake News cabal needs to work harder on their conspiracies.

Scott Adams, the cartoonist and author behind the Dilbert comic strip, posted a list of the most prominent deep state-fake news lies and conspiracies attacking President Donald Trump.

Here is a list of 11 previous fake news conspiracies that fell flat. (Click Here)

If only there were 51 principled former intelligence officials who could verify the authenticity of the latest claim.

Here is the common thread in all of the fake news hoaxes. (Click Here)

Why does the fake news insist on lying to the American public?

Why does anyone listen to them anymore?




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