Getting Reports that Pelosi WILL Land in Taiwan this week . . .

There are now NEW reports, **claiming** US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, will land in Taiwan sometime this week.   No “official” word on this, but the reports are going around and getting louder.

 The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) staged military exercises and published propaganda videos of various weapons, including an alleged “aircraft carrier killer,” on Sunday and Monday in anticipation of Pelosi (D-CA) arriving in Asia and potentially visiting Taiwan.

Pelosi landed in Singapore on Monday and has since met with its president and prime minister, bringing along a congressional delegation. Pelosi’s office confirmed the delegation would also visit Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan. Rumors for weeks have indicated that Pelosi had long been considering a surprise stop in the sovereign, democratic nation of Taiwan – defying the Chinese Communist Party, which claims Taiwan as a rogue “province” and dismisses its government as an illegitimate separatist entity.

Most striking about China’s public remarks about Pelosi visiting Taiwan, and that visit being a major incident against which China will respond, was China’s statement “Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

That particular statement is of very troubling history;  China has only uttered that statement to another country THREE times in its history:

The first time in 1962 just prior to its border war with India;

The second time in 1979 just before it invaded Vietnam, and;

two days ago . . . to the USA

US Military: Extraordinary Activity

The United States military is already on the move, perhaps in relation to China’s ominous message.

The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier Strike Group is now moving into position near Taiwan, as shown on its travel map below:

Moreover, inside the continental United States, as of 1:49 PM eastern US time on August 1, 2022, ALL (every single one) of the planes shown on the FlightRadar24 map below, are US military aircraft over the Continental USA.  

That’s an awful lot of movement.  Rather unusual.  

Perhaps they are preparing for . . .  something . . . .

(Unnamed Source)

(Another Source)

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