Nancy Pelosi Could Push The U.S. Into War With China Over Her Visit To Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi is once again proving that she needs to retire – and quickly – after she refuses to cancel her trip to Taiwan – which could result in military action from China.

Pelosi, the United States House of Representatives Speaker, is determined to visit Taiwan despite the threat and China is about to implement a no-fly zone or at least a heavily restricted navigation area in the Taiwan strait to stop it from happening – according to a report from the South China Morning Post.

The United States has repeatedly been criticized by China for maintaining official ties to Taiwan, which they believe should be under the yolk of the Communist Chinese Party (CCP).

According to the report, China is willing to use diplomatic, economic and military means to prevent Pelosi from visiting the island nation and with the world being a powder keg right now – Pelosi could potentially spark a war.

“Pelosi’s plan to visit Taiwan is increasing the risk of military conflict between the PLA [Chinese People’s Liberation Army] and the US military over the Taiwan issue, as today’s [mainland] China is so different from the one in the mid-1990s,” Chinese naval expert Li Jie said.

Li was referring to an incident called the Third Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1995-1996, in which two aircraft carrier strike groups went to the region to prevent the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) from turning missile drills into an invasion of Taiwan.

Li added that the US military had stated that it could deploy aircraft carriers to escort Pelosi, but the PLA already has two aircraft carriers in service, making it far too risky for either side to deploy such ships in the waterways.

A professor at the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, Ni Lexiong, said that Chinese authorities are becoming more assertive and less tolerant of provocations from the United States.

“Beijing has tremendous means to push Pelosi to give up her plan. In terms of military options, for example, the PLA might announce a no-fly zone and restricted navigation zone for military exercises near the Taiwan Strait, forcing Pelosi’s aircraft to make a detour if she insists on visiting Taiwan,” Ni said.

Ni, however, did say that Beijing still prefers to pursue diplomatic tools to persuade the US to cancel Pelosi’s trip.

“For example, Beijing could play the Russia card, by selling something the US doesn’t like, as China still refuses to follow international sanctions over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine,” he added.

According to a military source, Pelosi’s visit could coincide with the anniversary of the PLA founding on August 1, which could see large-scale military drills being carried out in the area – and would include warships and aircraft.

Nancy Pelosi needs to stay where she is, in Washington DC. There is no plausible reason for her to be visiting and pushing the United States into a potential war over her wanting to grandstand in Taiwan.


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