UK Agency Re-working Law to ALLOW INSECTS as Human Food!

The United Kingdom “Food Standards Agency” has announced plans to review using INSECTS in — and as — human food.

Earlier this month, the Food Standards Agency put out this public notice:

The fact tthat any government, anywhere, is even THINKING of this, is astonishingly bad.

In 81% of the “edible insects” studies have found parasites of which at least 30% are known to be potentially harmful to humans.

Not only that, but these insect parasites literally mess-up your gut bacteria, also known as your microbiome.  You can read that lengthy (and highly technical/boring) study  HERE

There are also stories claiming that earth’s TOPSOIL is fading fast, and “will be gone in 60 years” thereby necessitating that humans develop new food supplies You can read that story HERE.

There are also alerts coming out now that levels of Plankton in the Atlantic Ocean have fallen so dramatically, that the Atlantic Ocean is all but “dead” from a Plankton food perspective, and that without Plankton, the supply of fish will quickly dwindle to zero, because Plankton are the base of the entire sea food chain.

An Edinburgh-based research team says plankton, the tiny organisms that sustain life in the seas, has all but been wiped out. The team’s spent two years collecting water samples from the Atlantic and in a dire warning says this means the Atlantic’s ‘pretty much dead’.

At the bottom of the food chain, plankton is consumed by the krill which are fed on by the fish that, in turn, provide nutrition for terrestrial animals including billions of humans.

You can read about that study, HERE.

All in all, the world seems to be going in a very dire direction on many, many, levels.

This story is just to keep you informed . . . 

(Unnamed Source)

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