Stew Peters Show: Orders for Child-Size Coffins Spike More Than 500% in Last Seven Months

A casket salesman blew the whistle on the massive spike in post-COVID jab child mortality on The Stew Peters Show

A man with close personal and family ties to the casket manufacturing industry is reporting a massive spike in orders for child-size coffins that coincides with the roll-out of COVID vaccines for children and huge death spikes in kids and other population groups alike. The man tells The Stew Peters Show that the historically large children’s casket orders are being sold to funeral homes all over the country in preparation for even more children’s services.

After an initial tweet went viral documenting the “large number” of children that funeral directors have reported burying “within a few months of the kiddie jab,” casket salesman Mick Haddock responded, describing the massive spike in orders for child-size caskets experienced by his family’s manufacturing business. The post-COVID vaccine spike, he says, is the first time in his family’s 30-plus years of business that they’ve sold children’s coffins in bulk.

“My family business is casket manufacturing in North America. We received 2 bulk orders for sub-5-foot units (children size) in less than 6 months,” Haddock Tweeted in response to the initial post. “Never in 30+ years of business have we ever sold child size coffins in bulk.” (Click Here)

After blowing the whistle on the massive spike in children’s coffin orders, Haddock joined The Stew Peters Show to go into further detail, revealing that his family’s business deals with major distribution companies all over the US and Canada, including Costco. The products are then sold to retailers and to funeral homes all over North America.

“The smaller size orders have never been so popular,” Haddock told Stew Peters of the massive spike in children’s orders, adding that sales of adult caskets have spiked big time since 2020 as well. “I would like to mention that all casket sales are up dramatically in the last two years,” Haddock said on The Stew Peters Show.

“Call it what you will, magic or the vaccine, but something has happened that is causing an unprecedented amount of deaths,” Haddock went on to say.

“Magic is demonic and satanic and that’s everything that we’re seeing happening right now,” Peters responded. “So yes, it is magic. But it’s also intentional magic. It’s my opinion that this is an intentional plot to kill people and now specifically kids. It’s an intentional plot to make women infertile and men sterile and affect generations and generations in the future – just like they know that this mRNA technology detrimentally affected rat colonies for four generations.”

“What we’re seeing here are intended consequences,” Peters concluded of the massive post-vaccine death wave.

“We are definitely seeing an uptick in youth passing, it is undeniable at this point,” Haddock stressed to Peters and his viewers, adding again that he’s seen adult deaths skyrocket alongside the deaths of children.

Putting into perspective just how massive an uptick in children’s coffin orders his family business has experienced, Haddock told Peters that the orders have risen upwards of 500% in the past seven months.

“We went through an average of say, 50, 60 [child-size caskets] a year. The last order was 200 and the next order after that was 250. We’ve now basically sold 5 years’ worth of stock in 7 months,” Haddock told Stew Peters.

Watch Stew Peters’ full interview with whistle-blowing casket salesman Mick Haddock below:
As Haddock and Peters discussed, in addition to the massive death spike seen in children, deaths across the board have skyrocketed since the roll-out of COVID-19 and its government-pushed treatments. Elite athletes have been seen collapsing on the field post-COVID vaccine, and waves of adult deaths have been attributed to “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” a new alleged medical phenomenon that’s birth coincides with the rollout of COVID vaccines.


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