Chow Hall – US Marine Corps Camp LeJeune

This Is Perversion and Disgusting!

I have lost confidence in the ability of US Marine Corps officers, to command at Camp Lejeune. Yes, you’re actually seeing what seems to be a male United States Marine, wearing a skirt and fishnet stockings in the chow hall at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina.

Here is the full image:

There was a time when the severely mentally ill were not permitted to enter the US military.  Clearly those restrictions are now gone.  I mean, who in their right mind behaves like this in public?

Why a male would even want to wear a skirt and fishnet stockings is beyond me.  Why he would choose to do so in public – on a military base – is, to me, a giant flashing RED ALERT that this person is severely mentally ill. 

It seems to me only a severely mentally ill person would behave this way.

I am not certain who in the US military, thought such behavior would enhance our fighting force, but whoever did so is, in my view, incompetent. 

(Unnamed Source)

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