NATO Just Got The Bad News: European Tank Production Halted, Lack Of Titanium – From Russia

The NATO Military alliance just got the rug pulled out from beneath its entire operation.  It seems that Europe no longer has any Titanium, which is essential for the armor of tanks.  In years past, Europe bought its Titanium from . . .  Russia.   They can’t buy it anymore. As such, tank production – in Germany – has stopped.

Yes, you read that correctly, Tank building in Germany, has stopped.

Hints that there was some type of undisclosed problem with European militaries started being visible when Ukraine asked for tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers and more from Europe and the United States, to fight Russia.

Germany refused to donate tanks to Ukraine, or to augment Poland, which did donate tanks to Ukraine.

Germany’s refusal to supply its heavy tanks to Poland was not at all caused by Berlin’s attempt to deceive Warsaw, but by the fact that Germany simply does not have titanium to build new tanks.

Some of my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) tell me “due to the lack of titanium supplies from Russia, it is extremely problematic to establish the production of tanks in any required quantity today.”

Tanks require a fairly large amount of titanium, which is a component of the armor. However, due to the lack of supplies from Russia, this caused an almost complete halt in German tank building.

Moreover, a similar situation will soon occur in the UK, France, and other European countries.


Bottom line: If Russia were to engage NATO in actual war, then NATO would be completely unable to build _any_ replacement tanks, once existing tanks were destroyed in battle.

The short and sweet of it: NATO cannot afford to fight Russia because NATO countries don’t have Titanium to use for armor in tanks and without tanks, NATO would flatly lose the war.

Period.  Full stop.

 This is kinda funny. Almost all of NATO is out there screeching like an old wash woman that “Russia baaaad.”

Then they all realized “Uh oh they supplied the materials we need to go kill them.”

Bahaha.  The governments of the west: F–king morons.

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