American “Javelin” Anti-Tank Missiles Sent to Ukraine, Are Now FOR SALE on the Dark Web

People from Ukraine have posted several American made FGM-148 “Javelins” (photo above) for sale on the Dark Web Marketplace, and on Thief Marketplace.

One posting was made less than three hours ago and the seller advertised “shipping available from Ukraine, specifically Kyiv.”

The seller is charging $30,000 USD for what seems to be just the tube. Unseen is the command Launch Unit, and it is unclear if there is a missile in the tube.

The Sale photos posted with the offering are shown below:

A full ensemble of the “Javelin” usually goes for $206,000 USD, with the Command Launch Unit valued at around  $120,000 USD and each missile at about 80K USD, so this posting is “a steal.”  I am not publishing the web address of this sale because I do NOT want these weapons out in public.

Listeners to the Show were told WEEKS AGO, that weapons shipped from the USA to Ukraine as “aid” for Ukraine’s war with Russia, were ending up on the Black Market inside Serbia.  The weapons are being STOLEN by Ukrainians when they arrive in the country, and those Ukrainians are offering the weapons for sale on the Dark Web, then pocketing the money.

Listeners to the show were also told that a full TWO-THIRDS of the weapons being sent to Ukraine, were being stolen and sold on the black market.

Hey America, where do you think your $40 BILLION in “aid” is actually going???   Yes, an awful lot of it is being outright stolen.

In case any of you feel like calling your members of Congress to let them know what you think of what’s going on!


The seller also has several other American weapon systems ranging from Stinger MANPADS, Phoenix Ghost Drones, and smalls arms and ammunition.

The United States has reportedly sent 5,500 Javelin tubes to Ukraine, and an unspecified number of command launch units which are needed for firing. The United States has reportedly sent 1/3 of its Javelin inventory to Ukraine in order to combat Russian tanks and other ground vehicles since the February 24th invasion.

The Lord is King forever and ever; the nations perished from His land. The desire of the humble You have heard, O Lord; You make their heart attentive; You bend Your ear to judge the orphan and the oppressed; man on earth no longer trembles. (Psalm 10:16-18 Modern English Version)

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