BREAKING: Knesset Votes To Divide Israel

In a shocking and largely unexpected turn of events, the Israeli Knesset has voted down a key bill that would have renewed Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. In effect, if a subsequent emergency session is not called and three readings of the bill not passed before the end of June, in light of today’s vote, Israel will have effectively divided itself, removing its own legal recognition of Israelis living in what the world calls the West Bank.

Ever since Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War and its de facto conquest of Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, a bill renewing the law has been passed every five years without fail. Today was the 11th vote to renew the law in those 55 years. But how did this happen? As it turns out, MKs who would have otherwise supported the bill voted against it to destabilize Naftali Bennett’s fragile coalition. Others abstained or failed to show up for the vote.

And this vote occurred on the eve of the anniversary of the capture of Jerusalem (June 7, 1967), one day after Pentecost by most reckonings. Today’s vote is seen by many as a fatal blow to Bennett’s government.

Perhaps the third gate is indeed about to fall. And as that domino falls, we’re also witnessing the dominoes of Ukraine, Taiwan, and soon Iran, all while Evergrande has finally defaulted on some $300 billion in debt, inflation and food shortages are increasing, and the world’s governments are losing control.

It’s God’s restraining force alone that is keeping this ship from immediately sinking, but time is almost up.


Last week a bronze statue called the Lion of Judah was dedicated in Jerusalem. The sculpture was completed in 2017, installed in 2020, and dedicated last week.

Might this parallel the three big years we’ve witnessed?

2017: Trump-Pence (Trumpets) was inaugurated setting the stage for major changes in the Middle East, the new peace process began on the day of the Great American Solar Eclipse, and the Revelation 12 Sign transpired.

2020: The Deal of the Century was unveiled, the COVID pandemic began, the morning star sign of Venus and Pleiades occurred, and the Abraham Accords were signed on the White House lawn by “four craftsmen”.

2022: War in Europe, impending wars in the Middle East and southeast Asia, global inflation and food supply crisis, stonecutting for the Third Temple begins, Israel votes to divide itself, Roe overturned in prophetic hat tip to Revelation 12:5, and… rapture?

Below is a video of the installation of the Lion of Judah statue from 2020. You can watch last week’s dedication ceremony here, which was attended by Israel’s top ambassador, Jerusalem’s deputy mayor, and both Christian and Jewish religious leaders.

Also, in a bit of Balaamic prophecy à la Caiaphas in John 11:49–51, Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council and former president of Russia, made this startling statement four days ago in regard to the nearness of World War III and nuclear conflict:

. . .one can believe that the horsemen of the Apocalypse are already on their way and all hope is in Almighty God. . .

Regardless of his intent or state of salvation, he is exactly right. We are close to that very thing—the unsealing of the first four seals: the antichrist, global war, economic collapse and global famine, and death and pestilence killing one-fourth of the global population. And those four judgments are followed by 17 more.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not planning on sticking around for these. I have a ticket out of here.

ARE YOU READY FOR WHAT’S COMING?  Faith in Jesus and what He accomplished on your behalf is the only thing that will save you from what’s coming.  Are you still bearing your sins, or have you accepted that He died for your sins and rose again?  Today is the day of salvation.  You’re not promised tomorrow.  Get on the Ark, because the flood is coming.

 A dmit that you’re a sinner.

 B elieve that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again.

 C all on the Lord Jesus Christ to save you.


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