More Insurrections by Kiev’s troops in Ukraine – “There are losses no one wants to admit”

The militants of the battalion of the Cherkasy Territorial Defense refuse to fight and recorded a video message (below): 

1. On May 22, we were sent to the front line to carry out a combat mission; 

2. Heavy weapons were not provided; 

3. We refused to carry out the task; 

4. Our weapons and protective equipment were taken from us; 

5. We are threatened with arrest and prosecution; 

6. We have two “dead” and a large number of “wounded”; 

7. There is no qualified medical care and funding; 

8. We don’t want to be cannon fodder.

These troops are Ukraine’s territorial battalions (Volksturm or home guard) composed of guys in their forties and fifties. In Kiev’s desperate losing move they’ve sent these men to the front lines in Donbass. They were never intended to be front line soldiers but to be in their home oblasts for rear area duties. 

So this troop revolt indicates the last gasps of the US puppet regime in Kiev. They have essentially lost this war. But Washington and Brussels won’t allow them to talk peace with Russia.

Washington wants Kiev to fight til the last Ukrainian is dead. All to ‘overextend and unbalance’ Russia as was called for in the 2019 Rand Corp. report. 

Captured Ukrainian soldier urges his comrades-in-arms to lay down their arms and said that the Nazi’s are catching Ukrainian soldiers who refuse to continue fighting and taking them to an unknown destination. Likely killing them.

(Business Game Changers)

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