Hungarian Prime Minister declares national state of emergency amidst Ukraine War

On Tuesday, May, 24, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, declared a state of emergency in the nation following rising tensions in the ongoing war in the neighbouring country of Ukraine.

The Hungarian Prime Minister took to his personal Facebook account to post a video of himself declaring the wartime state of emergency just hours after the approval of the bill allowing for it.

The latest tool approved by the Hungarian Parliament earlier today on Tuesday, May, 24, will come in to effect at the stroke of midnight, on Wednesday, May, 25.

It will allow the Hungarian government “maneuvering room and the ability to react immediately” to any issues that may potentially arisefrom the war in neighboring Ukraine, as stated by Prime Minister Viktor Orban in his video message on his official Facebook page.

The first measures under the state of emergency will reportedly be announced on Wednesday, according to the Hungarian Prime Minister.

The news follows rising tensions seen in the Ukraine crisis affecting the globe, with reports of Japanese government officials revealing that Chinese and Russian bombers flew around Japan while a summit meeting of the Quad of four countries (Japan, the US, Australia and India) was being held, with the current  belief that China and Russia took joint action in response to the meeting.


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