Israel to Help Europe Reduce Dependence on Russian Gas

Another example of Israel blessing the nations as conflict in Ukraine threatens Europe’s energy sources

View of the Israeli Leviathan gas-processing rig near the Israeli city of Caesarea. Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/POOL

Israel is increasing its offshore natural-gas output as part of an effort to reach a deal with Europe in order to supply it with alternatives to Russian energy.

Jerusalem seeks to double production to 40 billion cubic meters as it expands current projects and starts working in new fields, reported Reuters.

“The hope is to create a relatively fast working process, and during the summer, to reach a framework agreement,” said Lior Schillat, director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Energy.

“In the beginning, it will be small amounts, and slowly, as production and delivery capacities rise, (the amounts) will increase,” he said, adding that this probably won’t make a difference until about 2024.

According to the report, a floating, liquefied natural-gas facility that could facilitate shipments to Europe is also being discussed.


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