Blood Moon Eclipse Set to Darken Montanan Skies on Sunday

In a sight that won’t be seen for many more years, Montana is set to be subject to a Super Blood Moon eclipse this coming Sunday, darkening the skies as the celestial bodies align in an eerie and spectacular display.

The eclipse will begin Sunday around 730pm and really hit its peak coverage around 10pm. It’ll wane and end around midnight. The event is very safe, as the full Flower moon will be overshadowed by the earth for a few hours, as the sun, earth and moon all line-up. (Click Here)

For those in the Bozeman area, there will be a viewing party at 9:15 at the Belgrade Senior Center where all are invited. According to their Facebook page, there will be events for kids throughout the day:

“we will have a self-guided walk through downtown Belgrade from 2-4pm to learn about the different planets at stops along the way! We will start at Main & Quaw’s and walk down Quaw’s towards the Senior Center, where we will have ice cream (including astronaut ice cream to try!).Collect goodies at each stop/planet and complete a sticker sheet for a prize at the end of the walk!


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