Russia TV’s Nuke Simulation Levels London, Berlin, Paris in 202 Seconds

(Viktor Bondariev |

Russian state TV continues to wave the flag threatening nuclear weapons deployment, simulating nuclear strikes on Europe, including England, Germany, and France, and declaring there would be “no survivors.”

The threat comes as the U.K. continues to support Ukraine against Russia’s and Vladimir Putin’s deadly invasion, the U.K.’s Mirror reported.

The Putin TV propagandists on Channel One’s “60 Minutes” – one of the nation’s most popular programs – simulate nuclear attacks that would devastate London, Berlin, and Paris within just 200 seconds, according to the report.

“One Sarmat [missile] and that’s it – the British Isles are no more,” guest Aleksey Zhuravlyov told wife and husband hosts Olga Skabeyeva and Evgeny Popov.

Skabeyeva is known as the “Iron Doll of Putin TV” for criticism of Putin’s political opposition. She added a warning “we are serious people.”

Putin has warned those “interfering” with Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine would potentially face consequences, and as allegations of Russian war crimes and attacks on Ukraine civilians have risen, so too has the support from countries around the world.

Media reports have painted Putin and his Russia regime as more and more isolated, potentially backing him in a corner to the point of desperation to use nuclear weapons.

The “Iron Doll of Putin TV” noted “no one will survive this war,” because a strike on the U.K. would lead to a retaliatory strike.

The program’s nuclear simulation showed missiles launch from Kaliningrad, between Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea, striking Berlin in 106 seconds, Paris in 200 seconds, and London in 202 seconds, according to the Mirror.

Putin has been test firing Sarmat missiles amid poor reports of failures in the stalled invasion of Ukraine, proving to be an embarrassment to the regime.

Putin reportedly preemptively fueled the nuclear war talk by saying last week that Russia’s hypersonic missiles could “break through all modern defenses” and would be ready to lay siege to the UK “by autumn,” the Mirror reported.


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