Projectile fired from Lebanon at Israel hits vacant area – Israeli military

JERUSALEM — A projectile was fired from Lebanon at Israel on Monday and fell in an open area, the Israeli military said.

The incident followed clashes over the past two weeks between Palestinians and Israeli police at Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem that have stoked Arab anger and international concern.

On Twitter, the Israeli military said no sirens were sounded and no alert was declared in northern Israel.

Israel’s anti-missile defense system does not necessarily intercept projectiles if they appear to be on track to hit a non-populated area.

Israel’s northern border has been mostly quiet since a 2006 war against Hezbollah guerrillas, who have sway in southern Lebanon and an arsenal of advanced rockets.

Small Palestinian factions in Lebanon have fired sporadically on Israel in the past. (Reporting by Jeffrey Heller; Editing by Daniel Wallis)


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