Verified! Russian Troops In Mexico

Latin American expert, Pastor Sam Honnold, recently appeared on the CSS.  Honnold identified the political/military powderkeg that is consuming Northern Mexico. Could Mexico de-evolve into a Civil War? As the CSS reported a week ago, there is a large presence of Russian soldiers in Northern Mexico. What does AMLO plan to do about these developments?

the interview can be accessed at this link. 

As the world around us is imploding, it may be time to store food that is healthy, non-GMO, clean, nutritious, and delicious. No one knows what tomorrow holds.

Sam Honnold recently wrote an article on the topic of Russians In Mexico:

The Russians ARE there according to the commanding general of NORTHCOM, Glen VanHerck, in his report to the US Senate last week.  The thin sliver of the independent media that has long reported this should feel justified.  I, for one, have moved on and no longer see the Russian presence as a threat.  Mexican president AMLO responded to the general’s statement (that not only were Russian GRU foreign service operatives present in Mexico, but more numerous there than in any other nation on earth) that Mexico is not a colony of anyone…not Russia, not China, and not the USA.  AMLO was putting a clear endpoint to the long held expectation that Mexico will follow, forward, and enforce US  foreign policy.  General VanHerck did not seem threatened by Mexico’s behavior either, having stated earlier in his remarks that “The Mexican Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) and Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR), are steadfast security partners and remain a bulwark against encroaching competitor presence and influence in Central and South America.”
MAYBE those Russian intelligence assets are helping Mexico do what the USA should have been doing…taking down criminal syndicates no matter how high-up they are connected into the government. Mexico just arrested ex-governor Rodriguez Calderón of Nuevo León State. Known as “El Bronco”, the governor was one of four finalists in the last presidential election and debated with winner Lopez Obrador (AMLO). His March 16 arrest was only two days after the arrest of ganster “El Huevo” Treviño which sparked gun battles and the closure of the Interstate 35 border crossing at LaredoThese arrests were in the same region and both followed lengthy surveillances by Mexican Military Intelligence.  (Surveillance so successful in the case of El Huevo that he was arrested without firing a shot on a day trip outside his cartel stronghold.)  The deployment of 700 troops and four military helicopters was necessary to quell the ensuing violence.  The surveillance of Rodriguez Calderón was underway four years back during the election of 2018, when he apparently laundered cartel bribes through more than 100 companies “fantasmas”.  Twice robbed of victory at the polls,  AMLO has instructed his government to reform the notoriously corrupt INE National Electoral Institute…but who was watching election integrity in 2018, before he took power? As reported firsthand by yours truly, it was Mexican military intelligence in conjunction with Russia’s GRU!

Only eight days prior to General VanHerck’s testimony, former US Attorney General Bill Barr criticized AMLO’s policy of “hugs not bullets”, stating he had lost control of his country because of it.  How ironic that Barr would make such an accusation since he, as the top law enforcement officer in all the USA, turned a blind eye to rampant election fraud causing the total loss of control of the US federal government!  AMLO has humiliated A. G. Barr, the USA, and the whole Bush-Clinton-Obama globalist cabal…even Trump by doing what they couldn’t or wouldn’t…cracking down on election meddling and locking up his criminal competitor for the presidency.
Brazil Is so corrupt, they did the opposite…and let President Bolsonaro’s nemesis OUT of prison so he can be reinstalled in a sham election this October.  Brazil has the largest literal swamp in the world and Bolsonaro seems to have known that its political counterpart could never be drained In the four years of his presidency.  It seems he has resolved that open civil war is unavoidable and prepared his military and populace to fight and win it.  AMLO and Bolsonaro come from opposite ends of the political spectrum,  but they have two things in common. They are trying to give control of their nations back to the people, and they have both reached out to Russia to do it.  They are also both distancing themselves from the US Dollar, having drastically increased their nations’ holdings of other foreign currencies, notably the Chinese Yuan.

From nation to nation, the indicators are present that the whole world is about to boil over.  El Salvador’s “very cool and nice” President Bukele declared a state of emergency when the gangs went crazy this week and murdered 62 people in a single day, and neighboring Honduras (having been taken over by globalists while men slept) will be extraditing ex-president J. O. Hernandez to the USA to face phony drug charges.  Trump considered President Hernandez to be one of his key security partners responsible for stopping the migrant surge during his administration.  While the eyes of the world are on Ukraine, something big is getting ready to kick off in the Americas.  Like In the Ukraine, it began with Russians on the border!

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Since then we have a great High Priest who has passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to our confession. For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who was in every sense tempted like we are, yet without sin. Let us then come with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:14-16 Modern English Version)

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