In The Coming Famine The Betrayal Of Not Providing Long Term Food Supply For The Disabled Will Reveal Those Caretakers Who Are Infidels According To Gods’ Word

Many who care for the disabled have likely had someone say to them ‘you are doing God’s work’. President Biden said Thursday that a food shortage is “gonna be real” following the sanctions that were placed on Russia by the U.S. government. This lack will have a profound effect on the ability of those charged with the responsibility of caring for the ‘MR’ (mentally retarded), the special needs and the disabled. If those to whom the afflicted owe their care cannot provide for the most fundamental of needs (food) to those who are most fundamentally in need of care, they may want to reconsider what it means to do ‘God’s work’.

This very subject is critical to the survival of the disabled, but it is perhaps even more of an instrument of separating the sheep from the goats when it comes to those who are charged with the care of the infirmed.

Time has all but run out to prepare the staples needed to care for those who cannot prepare for themselves during an undetermined timespan of austerity. Many foods have already been in short supply over the last year. Now, the ability just to have an expected meal is questionable.

Are you responsible for taking care of a special needs family member? What good is your money in the bank or your 401(k) when you do not have the food resources at home to put back a larder for someone who can’t prepare for themselves? Do you lead a special needs concern? Do your regulations only allow you to buy one month of food in advance for your clients/residents (at least one organization I know of has this restriction)? I think you may need more food because when pickins’ become slim you are going to be faced with rationing or actual starvation.

As the world around us is imploding, it may be time to store food that is healthy, non-GMO, clean, nutritious, and delicious. No one knows what tomorrow holds.

How many people dealing with disability either personally or professionally do you know who are taking the ability to produce/procure food seriously? What are the implications for them? What about the implications for those who think they are doing ‘God’s work’?

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭5:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Whether you be a parent, Direct Service Professional or perhaps the CEO of an institution or special needs foundation, tell me-are you an infidel? In fact the question should be-Are you worse than an infidel?

In this context, an infidel may not mean what you think it means. Looking at a traditional dictionary will not give a definition worthy of this discussion. Not worthy of a holy God.

At Bible Study Tools we find this…’The word nowhere corresponds to the modern conception of an infidel, one who denies the existence of God, or repudiates the Christian faith; but always (emphasis added) signifies one who has not become a believer in Christ’…

Let’s be clear in this time of the advent of the unveiling of many tribulations: If you are not, have not made provision for the afflicted in your care when even the President of the United States has told you that food shortages are coming because of the Ukrainian conflict, you were presumably never a believer in Jesus Christ in the first place. I, nor is any man your judge. It is Jesus Christ who will judge the unsaved, the unrighteous, the unGodly. If you are not providing for living through the harshness of austerity for those in your care, it certainly seems that you pass the Biblical test for being an infidel.

So being a biblically defined infidel while you serve the disabled is a betrayal of those under your protection and guardianship resulting in deprivation of sustenance for the affected. For the infidel, their self deception deprives them of knowing the living God who can save them from eternal darkness. Dear Responsible Caregiver: Please act now to put back food for our disabled to survive the coming time of trouble and accept The Lord Jesus’ provision for your salvation. Do both and then you can confidently accept that you are indeed doing ‘God’s work’.


 He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; he was brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so he opened not his mouth. (Isaiah 53:7 Modern English Version)

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