Secret Societies That Have Infiltrated Religions Have The Same Ultimate Goals As The New World Order, The Total Enslavement Of Mankind And The Elimination Of True Christianity

While researching the Jesuits as a secret society and as possible successors to the old Knights Templar sect which began as vassal military underlings to the various Middle Ages kingdoms and the Papal authority, I ran across a few things that I had no idea about previously.  Perhaps because I am more of a reformed Christian and not Catholic and perhaps because I have had little reason to study the history of Catholicism beyond the more obvious effects it has had on world history, and other than attending a few weddings and singing in a choir that got invited to sing in a Catholic Christmas mass fifty something years ago, much of this is new to me.  So please, I again ask for your patience.  Yes, I have studied the Jesuits and the Templar’s as historical groups and the various opinions and ideas referencing them, but I do not recall coming across this interesting bit of information before.  There is a White Pope, a Grey Pope and a Black Pope and this fascinates me so please allow me to explain what I have found out; and yes, they are secret society related.

Remember the first story in our series of secret society articles I mentioned that there are somewhat vague definitions of a cult, a sect and secret societies and that very often religion is the basis, the side shoot or the result of them.  The only Pope I previously knew of was the bishop of Rome and the head of the Roman Catholic Church.  Officially he is the only Pope and is selected by the Council of Cardinals, which I have known for many decades having watched new ones selected with the accompanied white smoke as shown in the mass televised media.  Of course, there is also the Orthodox Church which encompasses many other catholic (catholic means fundamentally ‘universal’) like churches including the Greek, Albanian and so forth with the Eastern Orthodox churches comprising seven ecumenical councils with many of them covering the old eastern USSR nations and seven Patriarchate and the Western Orthodox plus some others claiming to be the successors to the original Apostolic churches under the head of Jesus.  They are the second largest Christian church after the Catholic which in the Great Schism of 1054 AD no longer shares communion and some other tenets.   That is enough basic background for now. 

Officially a Jesuit is a “member of the Society of Jesus (S.J.), a Roman Catholic order of religious men founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola, noted for its educational, missionary, and charitable works. The order has been regarded by many as the principal agent of the Counter-Reformation and was later a leading force in modernizing the church.”  They began officially in 1540 under authorization of Pope Paul the Third.  Because of controversial advocacies and rejections of any reformations including the ‘Chinese rites’ and such, they were banned in many places and in 1773 they were briefly banned altogether but were revived in 1814.   

They are lead by the so-called “Black Pope” who is the Superior General, the head of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and so named because they wear black vestments or robes and are considered one of the largest or most influential orders of the church.  Note that there is also a Red Pope, named because he is the prefect of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith and is named ‘red pope’ because he is a cardinal and they wear red robes.  But the black pope has a more sinister role that the official definition does not include while the so-called conspiracy related or non-publicly accepted role does include, and that is the story we need to talk about.  And as an aside, the current Pope is also a Jesuit (the first Pope to be one) so keep that tidbit in mind.

I have gone over many stories the last month or so regarding the black, white and grey popes along with the other associated groups like the Sovereign Military order of Malta (Knights of Malta) with the general conclusion that there are so many viewpoints that not only disagree with each other but also with known history that it is much like the atmosphere of the current war in Ukraine – the truth is the first victim and it is difficult to cull it from what is out there.  One such item is the claim that “The black pope is the most powerful man in the world” and “The grey pope manages the world and both the white pope and the black pope. The gray pope is Pepe Orsini. He is the supreme ruler of the earth” and “The Rothschilds of Israel, the Rockefellers of the United States, and the Windsors of the United Kingdom are pawns for the ancient 13th bloodlines.”  OK, so the wide variations are still adamant that the real power behind the Illuminati is the power structure in Rome, but with many claims of what are what and who is who.  The one thing most have in common is the phrase that “All road lead to Rome” and that may have some truth behind it.

One aspect of that is this opinion from Daniel Revelations Studies that says “One of the best-kept secrets in the War on Terror is that Rome is creating a powerful international mercenary army made up of the best Special Forces from all the armies of the world.  This army, pound for pound just may well be like none other for power, speed, and training. It is called Blackwater, headed by a radical Roman Catholic, and led by executives who boast of being members of the Knights of Malta.”  It seems there is a relationship between Blackwater as a paramilitary world armed force (or terrorists?) and the Vanguard/Blackrock world ownership “investment” company.  I have found a number of articles that state each is under control of Rome and yet others that they are under control of the more traditional or generally accepted Illuminati NWO.  I am beginning to think perhaps there is no real difference, but also allow for the fact that various power segments will vie for their own win so I cannot rule out that there is some handshaking as well as power struggle present.  Whichever group is in ultimate ascendancy, they are both powered by Satan and have the same ultimate goal which is the total enslavement of mankind and the elimination of actual Christianity. 

 “If you trace up Masonry, through all its Orders, till you come to the grand tip-top head Mason of the World, you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus,  i.e., the Superior General of the Jesuit Order, are one and the same person.”– James Parton (American historian)

Blackwater is more than just a “private army”, much more than just another capitalist war-profiteering business operation.  It is an army operating outside all laws, outside and above the US Constitution and yet is controlled by people within and outside our government whose allegiance is primarily to the foreign Vatican state.  In other words, Blackwater is a religious army serving the Pope in Rome through the Order of Malta, which is itself considered under international law, as a sovereign entity with special diplomatic powers and privileges.  Like Blackwater, the order of Malta is untouchable” because it is at the heart of the elite aristocracy.”  Moabman on blogspot.  Blackwater has also been operating in Ukraine under the auspices of NATO and seems to be a major problem for the Russian troops as well as a private army for the use of the CIA which itself may be an arm of the Roman overseers or whomever is in ultimate actual control.  A State of the Nation article had this to say of Blackwater; “Blackwater’s founding president Erik Prince is the man and the money behind Occupy Wall Street and the hacking / disruption group – Anonymous.  Erik Prince is an ultra-Christian fanatical sect member who sees all Muslims and Wall Street Jews as enemies of the United States but most importantly of the Catholic Church.  He’s on a personal crusade to eradicate Islam and Judaism from the world. Roman Catholic Erik Prince considers himself to be a crusader for the Vatican, and considers his organization to be a modern Papal army of sorts.  In his recruitment for Blackwater, he selected men who share his Catholic supremacy fanaticism and were sent to Iraq in part to destroy Islam by killing as many Muslims as possible. And Blackwater employees did precisely that – indiscriminately opening fire on and killing thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. Many of these Blackwater men used call signs based on the Knights Templar, the Catholic Church warriors who fought and killed millions in the Crusades.  The Knights Templar were the foot soldiers of the Vatican’s Crusades.  Blackwater is the present day foot soldiers of the Vatican.  I would amend this statement by saying they serve the black pope, not necessarily the white one although that may not have much difference attached.

I have a lot more to say about Blackwater and Blackrock, but let’s keep on topic for now.

Pepe Orsini, the Grey Pope

Let’s turn to the Grey Pope and see what this guy that officially does not even exist has to do with secret societies.  Again, there is so much information that is absolutely ridiculous in that it is difficult to get a grasp on what is actual or real and what is pure fantasy.  Among the fantasy is the claim that he is related to or is part alien, part human so I suppose he might be a sci-fi joke.  The claim is that he manages the world and both the white and the black popes answer to him and that he is from the thirteen illuminati bloodline families.  The claim is that these families are Zoroastrian (one of the world’s oldest religions, originated in present day Iran) and rank higher than the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers and the City of London’s Queen.  Of those families it is the Orsini one that is at claim here and it is currently Pepe Orsini that some claim is the ultimate power figure among mortal men.

The Millennium Report said “Pepe Orsini is the grey Pope working with his Black Pope in his Society Of Jesus….. The Papal Bloodlines are the secret shadow hierarchy of the Jesuit Order even behind the Black Pope touted at the #1”.  Well, maybe, but I am still skeptical.  Perhaps this next quote from Covert Geopolitics will make a bit more sense, “we are reminded of the holocaust from the last century which cost millions of lives, and all for the glory of the bloodlines….. They sow intrigue to foment wars like what’s happening now in Syria and continues to instigate nuclear war with Iran. They literally live and breathe through fear and sufferings of everyone else except themselves. The goal to exterminate 6.5 billion planetary inhabitants is first and foremost in their minds. The weapons used to achieve this goal range from economic to military, science, mass media and religion. We are at their mercy until the internet came along….. Now, we are seeing the true image of evil and the monstrosity of its schemes. The complexity of the Control Matrix it’s been able to put together is beyond anybody’s grasp, only the persistent may be able to decipher. They are responsible for all the holocausts of the last millennium to say the least.”

That sure sounds like what we already know of the more mainstream secret societies and I suppose the take away is that they got their marching orders from the Rome group.  The Jesuit Vatican New World Order is supposedly from the Ptolemaic bloodlines of the Orsini’s, Breakspear’s, Aldobrandini’s, Farnese’s and Somaglia’s families all controlled through the Jesuit Order and the Knights of Malta.  The pecking order is in top spot Pepe Orsini in Italy with Henry Breakspear in Macau, China.  The source I got this from (listed above) was published ten years ago, so what we are seeing now with China may well speak in favor of this lineup.  Also note that there are claims that the most powerful people in the world have married into these bloodlines, or descend from them including those in the Rothschild and Rockefeller families and more.

Total Disclosure spoke of this only a couple of years ago and said “In reality, the families shown as the top of the hierarchy are second in importance and wealth. The Rothschilds of Israel, the Rockefellers of the United States, and the Windsors of the United Kingdom are pawns for the ancient 13th bloodlines. Ruling using infiltration, fraud, rape, murder, wars, famine, and now, a virus….. Whether you decide to believe in God or not, that’s not important. What’s important is that these families at the top clearly believe in Lucifer as their God, and in return, evil is expected from them and even rewarded. I know these are not great news for those of us hoping to change this planet for the better. But rest assured, the enemy is real, and the enemy can and WILL taste permanent defeatThe Jesuit Order and their Knights of Malta sit below the council of Lucifer, also called the Council of Ten…. All the prominent secret societies and their illuminated top-ranking members are subservient to these people. Intelligence agencies, the UN, the WHO, the Bilderberg Group, and the CFR are all under their ruling.”  

Wow – that is heady stuff. 

Those five dominating families noted above link with others to form the “ancient Saturnalian bloodlines”.   Supposedly they date back to the height of the Roman Empire and the founding of the Catholic Church and have controlled kings and queens for millennia.  Three popes and thirteen families run it all, with the “Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, and Van Duyn bloodlines are below. They act as a shield and are the common target of historians and journalists trying to expose them.”  Oligarchic families, the very most wealthy and powerful and the primary royal families (also often tied to those bloodlines) seem to have run under the power umbrella of the Papacy since its inception as the official religion of the Roman Empire, and it has remained in power ever since.  That also leaves us to consider that the ancient Roman Empire is still at work in this world.  And how old are those families really?  Not diminishing, but growing.  Not out in the open, but in secret.  Not of man nor God, but of Satan.

How much of this I find believable is up for debate, but there is something that appeals to my sense of reality and inquisitiveness that I find it worth looking into further.  I have specifically steered away from the most outlandish concepts that I have read and stuck with those that might conceivably be true, but even then I am not really convinced.  But still, there is that something that whispers to me to not be too hasty and throw it all out with the trash.  The underlying truth may be in there someplace.  But since we are on the topic of secret societies and if we knew all about them, they would not be so secret now, would they?

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