Embalmers Discover Horror: Dr. Ruby Exclusive: Arteries Filled With Rubbery Clot

This week, the Dr. Jane Ruby Show exclusively shared shocking images of white, bulging blood clots removed from a dead patient’s groin and legs.

The blood clots were removed by board-certified embalmer and funeral director, Richard Hirschman, who took the samples from victims who reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes.

“Typically a blood clot is smooth, its blood that’s coagulated together, but when you squeeze it or touch it or try to pick it up it generally falls apart,” Mr. Hirschman told Dr. Jane Ruby. “This white fibrous stuff is pretty strong, it’s not weak at all, you can manipulate it, it’s very pliable, it’s not hard.”

On Friday, Dr. Jane joined Stew to discuss the horrific discoveries.

“He pulled this clot out, but as he pulled it out it became something that was the extent of the person’s entire leg, down to their foot,” Dr. Ruby told Stew. “It was almost like a wax mold of something if you will.”

“He said, it looks like it’s emanating out of the clot and in his words, it appears that it is kind of feeding on the blood in the clot’,” Dr. Ruby told Stew.

“So this would explain why we’re seeing all these heart attacks and strokes,” Stew told Dr. Ruby. “Because, I mean obviously we’ve put a blockage in the arteries that’s what’s going to happen; this thing is not easily torn apart, it’s like a solid, waxy type material – you’re not supposed to have that stuff in your arteries.”

“What’s really factual here is that that government is the one that’s ignoring all of this,” Stew told Dr. Ruby. “The Department of Defense is completely ignoring while continuing to push this injection onto soldiers; our bravest, our brightest, the U.S. military – it’s absolute insanity.”

Watch the full interview at StewPeters.com.


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One thought on “Embalmers Discover Horror: Dr. Ruby Exclusive: Arteries Filled With Rubbery Clot

  1. These are worms. There’s no way a doctor or a vet doesn’t know this. Parasites cause worms and disease. Hwnce why fauci wants it Injected into your blood. To get this. And everything else that comes with it.


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