Biden Threatens Economic Response To Alleged Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

A convoy of Russian armored vehicles moves along a highway in Crimea, Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022. Russia has concentrated an estimated 100,000 troops with tanks and other heavy weapons near Ukraine in what the West fears could be a prelude to an invasion. The Biden administration is unlikely to answer a further Russian invasion of Ukraine by sending U.S. combat troops. But it could pursue a range of less dramatic yet still risky options, including giving military support to a post-invasion Ukrainian resistance. (AP Photo)

Joe Biden issued a new round of threats against Russia as he repeats claims of an alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine. In a statement Thursday, he tried to walk back his Wednesday remarks about a “minor incursion” and threatened “consequences” if Russian troops crossed into Ukraine.

Biden said Russia would face a “severe and coordinated” economic response if that were to happen. However, White House officials have struggled to explain what they would actually do in that scenario. Biden also threatened a U.S. response to Russian paramilitary actions and cyber attacks.

“Remember when they moved into the Donbas, the little green men?” he asked. “They were dealing with those who were Russian sympathizers and said that Russia had nobody in there. Well, that includes little green men in uniforms as well as cyber attacks. We have to be ready to respond to these as well, in a decisive and united way, with a range of tools at our disposal.”

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The Russian foreign ministry said rhetoric is designed to frame the narrative to justify provocations in Ukraine and blame Russia for it. (Click Here)

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris said Russia will face severe costs if it takes military action against Ukraine. She made those remarks during an interview Thursday morning. Harris claimed the Biden administration has been clear and consistent in its stance on the matter.

“And on the subject on Ukraine I will tell you that the President has been very clear and we as the United States are very clear: if Putin takes aggressive actions, we are prepared to levy serious and severe costs,” Harris stated.

Still, Biden’s initial comments have led to speculation Russia could feel empowered to launch an invasion of Ukraine in coming weeks.


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