Federal Judges Order Sealed Epstein Documents Made Public, Exposing Powerful Names

Federal judges have ordered sealed documents from 2009 on deceased child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to be made public.

The docs are related to a settlement agreement reached between Epstein and his victims in a previous child sexual abuse case.

The agreement was signed by Epstein and Virginia Roberts Giuffre – one of the most vocal of the convicted pedophile’s accusers, who also alleges that she was trafficked to Epstein’s powerful friends and raped while she was still a minor.

In a separate case, Giuffre is suing Prince Andrew, accusing the British royal of raping her after she was trafficked by Epstein on three seperate occasions when she was a teenager.

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The 2009 agreement between Epstein and Giuffre has been kept confidential and under a protective order by the court, reported Law and Crime.

The documents reportedly contain the identities of several prominent elites and accomplices who were complicit in Epstein’s crimes.

Prince Andrew has used the settlement agreement to claim that Giuffre is prohibited from pursuing any civil lawsuit, according to Law and Crime.

Alan Dershowitz has also claimed the deal prohibits civil claims against him. (Click Here)

Blink, and you may have missed the big news that came down shortly before the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict—in the same courthouse.“Federal Judges Order Release of Jeffrey Epstein Civil Settlement at Issue in Lawsuit Against Prince Andrew” https://t.co/J6JZljT4vi via @lawcrimenews— Adam Klasfeld (@KlasfeldReports) December 30, 2021

Both the judge presiding over Dershowitz’s case and the judge presiding over Andrew’s case with Guiffre ordered the agreement be released on January 3, 2022, according to Law and Crime.

The ruling came around the same time – and from the same courthouse – as Epstein’s sex trafficking accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty on Wednesday during her trial.

Speculation is now mounting as to whether Maxwell will begin naming names in the hope of reducing her sentence as the 60-year-old British socialite faces up to 65 years in prison.

Guiffre’s lawsuit accuses Andrew of raping her three different times, including once in Epstein’s New York City mansion.

The British prince has denied the allegations.

Guiffre denies the settlement agreement prohibits her from suing Andrew, Law and Crime reported.

The case will be heard in federal court on January 4, one day after the agreement is released to the public.

“Indeed, that same agreement was the basis for Giuffre agreeing to dismiss her previously released battery claim against Professor Dershowitz earlier this year,” Prince Andrew’s lawyer Andrew Brettler said in a memo, reported Law and Crime.

“Professor Dershowitz, as a third-party beneficiary of the 2009 settlement agreement was entitled to rely upon and enforce the terms of that secret deal.”

Ghislaine Maxwell attempted to use the settlement agreement to stop her federal indictment but was not successful, according to Law and Crime.


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