United States v. Ghislaine Maxwell: A Case Study in Judicial Corruption

That the federal government and its agencies are unspeakably corrupt is not lost on anyone who has been paying attention. While monied interests have attempted to wield influence on America’s political processes since the country’s founding, the government was consumed by the swamp during the Clinton Administration during which time both Democrats, led by President Bill Clinton, and Republicans, led by Congressmen Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay, lobbied aggressively to secure Communist China’s membership in the World Trade Organization on behalf of multinationals seeking to tap its vast, unregulated markets and cheap labor.

The Clintons corrupted everything they touched – and learned to weaponize the government, courts, and media to neutralize enemies, reinforce their political power, and redistribute the spoils of politics to themselves and their allies.

Through the Lewinsky scandal, which nearly felled the Clinton presidency, the Clintons learned how high profile prosecutions could serve diversionary purposes while appearing to pursue justice. During this scandal, independent counsel Ken Starr investigated the President on his abuse of an intern. At the same time, the public’s attention – and the law – were being redirected away from emerging charges of treason against the Clintons who had weakened America’s national security and competitive commercial standing on behalf of Communist China which had bankrolled Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Afterward, Hillary Clinton exploited the Lewinsky scandal to maximum political effect, parlaying her image as a wronged woman betrayed by her philandering husband into a Senate seat, making her a newly minted Senator for New York in which she focused her attentions on corralling campaign contributions from corporations within her hands so that she would single handedly determine which Democrats received corporate campaign contributions based upon their fealty to the corporate agenda – one of promoting cheap labor and open borders, eliminating protections and rights for America’s workers, shielding corporations from taxes and federal investigations while promoting corporate subsidies by way of endless bailouts, government contracts, corporate welfare programs, entitlement programs and the like.

Her political ally, Congressman Tom DeLay, performed a comparable role on the Republican side of the aisle through the K Street Project, in which he shored up corporate campaign contributions for establishment Republicans who towed the corporate line.

A consequence of the DeLay-Clinton alliance was that corporate money poured into the political process ensuring that every layer of government was corrupted by it. Not unsurprisingly, the Bush Administration’s Department of Justice became the most partisan the nation had ever seen, one rife with prosecutorial misconduct and prosecutions driven by political imperatives – to divert attention from actual criminal wrongdoing onto scapegoats on behalf of powerful corporate interests, typically to help them pursue anti-competitive measures – that of eliminating commercial and political rivals.

Presiding over the FBI during this disgraceful chapter in American history was James Comey. His daughter, Maurene Comey, is now leading the prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father, Robert Maxwell, a media mogul, was an intelligence asset reputedly connected to the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6), the Soviet KGB, and the Mossad, all of which took marching orders from the Rothschilds and Vatican.

The “Lady” Ghislaine recruited and groomed underage girls for sexual exploitation in concert with pedophile eugenicist Jeffrey Epstein whose client base included Rothschild-controlled British Royal family, Hollywood elites, and politicians. Reports alleged that Epstein sought to compromise influential people through pedophilia as part of a blackmail operation and that he was rewarded handsomely for it. As a Rothschild bloodline, Bill Clinton enjoyed a close relationship with Epstein and had reputedly taken a number of trips on his “Lolita express.”

The Comey patriarch was a board member on HSBC – which bankrolled a film on Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff featuring Kevin Spacey, an actor implicated in the Epstein scandal, while Comey was prosecuting Abramoff on behalf of rival lobbyists who raised money for the Clintons. At the same time, The Guardian reported, the Clinton Foundation received up to $81 million from clients of HSBC, like Epstein, who donated generously to Clinton causes.

In addition to betraying the integrity of his office by pursuing partisan investigations, Comey refused to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over her misuse of private email services. Regardless of the merits of that case, Comey should have recused himself to have avoided even the perception of a conflict of interest.

Comey’s daughter, Maurene Comey is assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York – a position formerly held by her father (2003-2005). The Bush Administration tapped Comey for this role.

Maurene then assumed the role as lead prosecutor against convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who received a sweetheart deal from U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Alexander Acosta, another Bush appointee who held that position during roughly the same time frame as her father (2003-2005) while pursuing an indictment against Abramoff.

Maurene Comey is now lead prosecutor in the criminal case against Ghislaine Maxwell who has been charged with sex trafficking charges, with Epstein, faces a prospective prison sentence of up to 50 years, if convicted.

While prosecuting the Epstein case, Maurene reportedly lost and then found footage of Epstein’s prison cell.

Maurene also participated in the Women’s March on Capitol Hill to protest President Donald Trump’s inauguration reflecting partisan bias.

Of note, Maurene was also involved in a case against the infamous gynecologist Robert Hadden who had allegedly sexually assaulted women in his case, including, for example the wife of presidential candidate Andrew Yang. The prosecution opted for a plea deal, allowing Hadden to remain out of prison and forfeit his medical license.

The relatively lenient sentence was overseen by the Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance who resisted pleas to investigate powerful movie mogul and friend of the Clintons, Harvey Weinstein, who sexually preyed upon young women.

Maurene is married to Lucas Issacharoff, US. Assistant Attorney for the SDNY’s Civil Division, whose father, Samuel Issacharoff, contributed to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Samuel Issacharoff was also a member of the Spartacist League, a section of the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist) which characterizes itself as a “revolutionary communist” organization.

The American public deserve a full accounting of how Ghislaine (and Epstein) compromised national interest and government officials on behalf of shadowy (and possibly communist) foreign interests. The children abused by them deserve justice – and this can only be pursued by prosecutors who are not politically and personally compromised and who have demonstrated a healthy respect for the integrity of its political institutions and democratic processes. The public should demand that Maurene Comey recuse herself – and a new trial should potentially be sought, one that stands to serve the public interest, rather than limit the exposure of powerful interests that have undermined America’s position in the world to further their own private gain – and those of shadowy elites – at the expense of the public good.


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