Horowitz: Thousands of Afghans coming to a red-state community near you

Our communities are being flooded with the most unvetted “refugees” of all time from the most volatile part of the world. And there is no resistance whatsoever among Republicans in state governments. As thousands of Afghans are moved from military bases to our communities, we are about to pay for the worst form of social transformation without representation.

In October, Zabihullah Mohmand, a new arrival from Afghanistan, was charged with raping a woman in a Missoula, Montana, hotel. The Department of Homeland Security, in response to outcries from the Montana governor, insisted that the 19-year-old Afghan went through a “rigorous and multi-layered” vetting process. The problem is that they are right. Most of these people have gone through a vetting process — a process with no data! We rushed in over 100,000 Afghans within a matter of days. These people came from the darkest corners of the Afghan mountains. What sort of criminal history are you going to find, especially on a 19-year-old?

Moreover, they are making our point. How do you vet people for a violent ideology or anti-women values when those views are shared by the overwhelming majority of the people in Afghanistan? The stone-cold truth is that the views of the average Afghan — at least a large number of them — are indistinguishable from those of the Taliban.

In 2013, Pew Research Center published a poll surveying the sentiments of people in 39 Muslim countries, and the data on Afghanistan is quite disturbing. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 99% support making Sharia the official law of the land, more than in any other country surveyed. 61% say that Sharia should be imposed upon non-Muslim citizens.
  • 79% support the death penalty for those who leave Islam.
  • 82% say religious leaders should have some or a lot of influence over politics, more than in any other Muslim country surveyed.
  • 39% believe suicide bombings can be justified, more than anyone else except for the Palestinians.
  • Only 30% believe women should be allowed to decide whether to wear a veil, less than in all but one country surveyed. 94% believe wives must always obey their husbands, more than anywhere else except Malaysia.
  • 96% believe converting non-Muslims is a religious duty, more than in any other country.

At the time of the alleged rape in Montana, Rep. Matt Rosendale pointed out that during the initial court hearing, Mohmand’s attorney claimed that “cultural and language barriers” may have led to the rape. Well, no kidding! A group of Afghan evacuees allegedly assaulted a female service member at Fort Bliss while they were staying on the base. Do we really need to rehash the lessons of Europe and irresponsible refugee policies over the past generation to realize we are following in those self-immolating footsteps?

What is particularly jarring is that the Biden State Department, HHS, and private taxpayer-funded resettlement contractors appear to be targeting red states like Montana, Nebraska, Indiana, and Oklahoma for this social transformation. The Grand Island Independent reports that 469 Afghans have already been resettled in Nebraska and another 635 are on the way. “Because of the rush of evacuations, a lot of the Afghans of working age are coming without the employment documents that most refugees have when they arrive,” reports the central Nebraska media outlet. “So they will need financial help for longer than the usually expected three months until they can start working.”

So, who is paying for this? The feds have set a deadline for Feb. 12, 2022, to get all of the Afghans off the military bases, which means the pace of resettlement in our communities will accelerate in the coming days.

One would think every GOP governor and legislator would immediately raise Cain over this and pledge to block any resettlement within the states. How is this in any way in the interests of their constituents from public safety, financial, and cultural standpoints? Instead, nearly every GOP governor has partnered with Biden to screw their constituents. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb is practically begging the feds to seed as many Afghans as possible in Indiana, while he controls his own people with COVID fascism and refuses to take action against domestic crime. There were thousands of refugees at Camp Atterbury in southern Indiana who are now being released into communities at a rate of hundreds per week. One thing is clear: Biden and Holcomb won’t force injection mandates on their prized Afghans.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, who never saw a domestic criminal he didn’t want to release from jail, announced in Sept. he was “excited” that Oklahoma would be getting the third largest number of Afghans of any state.

As a close second to the priority of fighting federal COVID mandates, any Republican running for state office needs to pledge to block federal social transformation of our communities. Republicans just supplied the requisite votes to pass the current budget continuing resolution, which contains an extra $7 billion in taxpayer funding for Afghans. This will induce transformation of our communities at the behest of international officials, unelected State Department and HHS bureaucrats, and parasitic contractors who have everything to gain and nothing to lose by endangering the communities and saddling them with a fiscal burden.
We fought a war over no taxation without representation. Shouldn’t states at least hold their ground on a banner of “no social transformation without representation”?


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