Silence deafening as media mostly ignores Ghislaine Maxwell case

New York, NY — The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, associate to Jeffrey Epstein, is now a week in, and the media has been largely silent.

While you might hear mention of it here and there, certainly there’s not the media circus seen in other recent trials.

Zero Hedge reported earlier this week that there is no livestream of the trial, and this fact has led to speculation that the elites are trying to cover up something.

Certainly, the powers that be do want to cover things up, but it’s a macro issue. They want to cover up everything. Hannah Cox, for the Foundation for Economic Education, notes that this is a federal trial, and no cameras are allowed during any federal case.

“But, the vast majority of these reports have been flatly false,” Cox wrote about speculations.“Maxwell’s trial will not be filmed for one reason and one reason alone: cameras have been banned in federal courts for decades, which is the level at which she will be tried. Media will still be allowed in the courtroom, as will a certain number of spectators.”

Cox added: “So as Americans are becoming more aware of the abuses in our justice system, we should demand that practices like prohibiting recordings be abandoned so all citizens have a greater ability to hold government actors accountable.”

That’s not to say that the elites don’t want this specific trial aired. Epstein’s pilot, Lawrence Visoski, of the referred to plane “Lolita Express” named names on Monday including well-known celebrities and politicians, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as British royalty, Prince Andrews, as having flown on the plane. Zero Hedge also reported on this noting that there are some arguing the revelation of Trump being on the plane were false.

Regardless, why is the media so silent on this? It certainly has the gossip and political intrigue the mainstream loves to traffic in. It just feels like a coverup, like say the relative lack of inquiry over the questionable death of Epstein in prison in 2019. Although called a suicide, high-profile forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden said in 2019 that the signs pointed to homicide.

Matt Agorist, for the Free Thought Project, the media has other pressing propaganda to preach, namely COVID-19 fear.

“In a comparison of Google News hits, ‘Omicron Variant’ is receiving more than ten times the number of hits as ‘Ghislaine Maxwell.’ This media blitz is in spite of the fact that the doctor who discovered it, who is a COVID-19 adviser to the South Africa government said that symptoms linked to the omicron coronavirus variant have been mild so far…. But you shouldn’t be worried about Maxwell at all. You need to worry about Omicron and Jussie Smollett — whose trial also happens to start today,” Agorist wrote.

Agorist added: “As corporate media keeps Americans in a constant state of fear while simultaneously stoking hatred and divide, Maxwell’s trial has very little chance of transparency and coverage. Luckily, independent media has and will step in to report it as those in the mainstream continue to muddy the waters.”

There is some coverage coming from some outlets, like The Sun which is a British-owned newspaper.

The prosecution has called Maxwell a “dangerous predator” and a “partner in crime” of Epstein in a sex-trafficking ring of underaged girls.

“The defendant helped Epstein find those girls, she helped him recruit those girls for so-called massages. She preyed on vulnerable young girls, manipulated them and served them up to be sexually abused,” said Lara Pomerantz, one of the prosecutors. “Make no mistake — she knew exactly what Epstein was going to do to those children when she sent them inside those massage rooms. But what was happening in those massage rooms was not massage. Those girls were not professional masseuses. They were kids being sexually exploited and abused.”

Epstein’s brother, Ian, has effectively called Maxwell a scapegoat for government incompetence. He said: “The charges she currently faces were brought in an attempt to save face and give the baying crowd a scalp deflecting from the authorities’ own incompetence in allowing Epstein to die on their watch.”

Elizabeth Loftus, a cognitive psychologist professor, is testifying for the defense suggesting the alleged victim, which include four accusers, have been manipulated by media sensationalizing.

“Her testimony will concern the workings of human memory, the effects of suggestion on memory, the mechanism of creation of false memories, the characteristics of false memories, how memory fades and weakens over time, and how memory becomes more vulnerable to contamination,” defense filings state, according to The Sun.

One of the accusers, going by Jane, has taken the stand stating sexual encounters with Epstein started when she was 14 and that Maxwell joined.

That came after earlier testimony from one of Epstein’s housekeepers, Juan Alessi, described working for him as “slavery” and produced a 58-page manual for staff detailing how to cover up improper behavior.


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