Poll: More Americans Believe in “Christmas War” Than in the Last few Years

A poll at the new Fairleigh Dickinson University states that more Americans “believe in war” ChristmasThis holiday season is more than in the last few years.

In a national survey of 802 registered voters conducted November 9-16, 37% of respondents said politicians were trying to eliminate Christianity from the winter holiday season from 29% in 2013. I agreed.

“war Christmas“The story is fascinating because Christians can claim the spirit of the victim,” Farley Dickinson, a government and political science professor Dan Cassino, who led the poll, said in a statement. “If you are part of a group that has been dominant for hundreds of years, the move to equality tends to feel like discrimination.”

Polls also show that the percentage of Americans who “strongly oppose” the existence of war Christmas It decreased from 54% in 2013 to 37% today.

A college press release showed the transition to “Republicans, Trump supporters, and, surprisingly, Hispanic Americans.”

Beliefs between Democrats and Independents haven’t changed much in eight years, but 66% of Republicans now agree that there is a war. Christmas, Increased from 40%.

More than half of evangelical or “newborn” Christians believe in war Christmas, Compared to 29% of those who do not have a religious view.

Universities are the best predictors of their beliefs in war Christmas It turned out to be a voting choice in the 2020 presidential election.

71% of those who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 Christmas, Only 14% of Biden supporters did. In addition, 51% of Trump voters “strongly agree” with their emotions.

“Trump made this claim the centerpiece of his presidential election and in his speech at the rally,” Cassino said.

Only 9% of Hispanic and Latin voters agreed in 2013 with the idea of ​​war. Christmas And 1% strongly agreed.Today, 39% of Hispanics believe there is a war Christmas, And 25% “strongly agree” with this statement.

Investigation acknowledges modern American belief in war Christmas It removes Jesus Christ from the annual December 25th celebration of his birth to the 2005 book by Fox News contributors featured in his program by former Fox host Bill O’Reilly. I am aiming for.

Voting in English was done by phone and mobile textbooks. Of the 802 respondents, 416 responded via the TTW platform, 128 completed the interview via landline, and 280 responded by entering their answers on their mobile phones.

In the weighted vote of registered voters, there was an error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points in the 95% confidence interval.


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